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Key Anti-Ageing Vitamins Your Diet Needs

Snacking on chocolate, winding down with wine, indulgent meals out… We’re all guilty of doing away with a healthy diet at times. But when it comes to our skin, the saying ‘you are what you eat’ couldn’t apply more. And, like with many things, you get out what you put in!

At L’Atelier, your Mayfair aesthetics clinic, our experts know lots of tips and tricks to looking after skin and getting it feeling its best. And nutrition is really, really important if you want clear, glowing skin. In this post, we’ll talk through key anti-ageing vitamins your diet needs, which keep skin soft, supple and healthy.

Vitamin E – it’s probably the most widely known skin vitamin, and there are lots of skincare products that centre around this key vitamin. Vitamin E is actually an antioxidant – it protects cells from free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage cells and cause ageing and even disease – and has benefits such as reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture. The experts at our skin clinic recommend incorporating nuts, dairy, oats & grains, and even vegetable oils into your diet as good sources of vitamin E.

Vitamin C – famously linked to immunity, vitamin C is another antioxidant which, similarly to vitamin E, fights free radicals that can cause ageing. However, external factors – smoking, sun damage, even pollution – can affect our levels. Luckily, vitamin C isn’t just found in your net of oranges. Many other vegetables and citrus fruits can be a good source. Looking ahead to your upcoming Christmas dinner, take note: our skin clinic experts say that the vitamin is even found in potatoes and sprouts!

Selenium – many of us know that selenium has links to our hair, but it’s also great for skin, too. In fact, when it comes to sun exposure, selenium has protective benefits – and since UV rays are the leading cause of skin ageing, it makes sense to get your recommended intake down pat. Fish is a great source of selenium – hello halibut, sardines and yellowfin tuna – but if you want to go all out, try the seafood front. Oysters are the richest source available (and a firm favourite for our skin clinic experts!).

Where does L’Atelier come in?

You’ll no doubt know us as a highly reputable aesthetics clinic, serving Harley Street and Mayfair, but we actually believe in a holistic approach to looking and feeling good. Not only do offer a nutrition service with Nutritionist Ruth Tongue, but we also offer a vitamin drip treatment that can help replenish low levels of key vitamins and minerals. Vitamin drips are safe, effective and can help with a whole host of conditions and problems, and can boost the appearance of your skin. You can enquire about our vitamin drips here.



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