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What Not To Do After Lip Injections

Whether you’re booked in for lip injections at our skin clinic near Mayfair, or you’re just reading up on the treatment before taking the plunge, look no further. Today’s post centres around lip filler aftercare – including what to try, and what to avoid – for best results.

What do you suggest?

When it comes for caring for lips following lip fillers, we recommend:

* Avoiding touching the treated area. This could ‘spread’ the product or cause infection. This means no kissing, either.
* Zero alcohol. You can certainly toast your results when they’ve fully developed, but drinking immediately afterwards can lead to swelling.
* No exfoliating products. Be careful with your lips and as an extra top tip, use sun protection on them.
* Applying an ice pack. This can help control swelling and reduce chances of bruising.

* Gentle exercise. This is essential in the first couple of days, as strenuous exercise can cause swelling.

* Hydrating with water. This helps your body to heal quickly and effectively.

* Watching your food and drink. Avoid salt, which contributes to swelling, and stick to healthy fruits and vegetables.

* Taking painkillers. Over-the-counter paracetamol can help symptoms, but don’t take ibuprofen, which thins the blood and can cause problems.

* Elevating your head. This stops swelling. It’s a good idea to not sleep on your front/face, either.

What about other treatments?

As a word of caution, talk to us about any other treatments you’re interested in, even if they’re at a clinic elsewhere. We can advise you about when to have these carried out, to prevent affecting your results. In some cases, we might suggest you have your treatment (e.g. a facial) carried out before your lip injections.

How else can I care for my lips?

In general, we advise:

* Daily sun protection. This can prevent signs of ageing, such as lines and wrinkles.
* Daily skincare. Moisturised lips can appear more shiny and youthful. Talk to us for a personalised suggestion.
* Healthy eating. We work with a nutritionist to help unlock the best in your skin.
* Routine treatments. Having lip injections as advised can maintain your results.

How do I book my lip fillers?

It couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is get in touch with our skin clinic near Mayfair via phone or email, and we’ll book you in for a consultation. Once we’ve decided treatment can go ahead, we’ll then book your exciting appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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