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The Facial Peels You Can Count On

We’re focusing on giving your complexion a beautiful boost this month, and one of the best ways we can do this here at our skin clinic in Mayfair is through chemical peels – otherwise known as facial peels. In this post, we’ll talk through our facial peel treatments in a bit more detail, and give a bit of background to the procedure as well. While the name might seem a little off-putting, it’s worth remembering that a chemical peel is simply a form of intensive exfoliation – and that if you want brighter, smoother skin, you sometimes have to go a little below the surface to get those fabulous results.

Our facial peel picks for March

Because we’ve had some cold weather – and a lot of wet weather – since the start of the year, your skin is probably in need of some TLC. Our facial peel picks are the perfect perk-me-up – here are just a few that we offer.

1) Rejuvenating glycolic acid skin-renewal peels – if your skin is looking a bit dull, give it a quick boost with this bespoke brightening facial peel.

2) Detox clear – we love this chemical peel for its spot-busting prowess, as it works to minimise pore size and reduce acne.

3) Clarifying peel – skin that’s oily or acne-prone likely needs a bit of de-congesting. Enter this clarifying facial peel, which soothes and calms inflammation.

4) Radiant 20/10 – this clever chemical peel works on a myriad of sins, from fine lines to large pores and even signs of sun damage. It’s one of our favourite all-rounders. 

5) The Perfect Peel – this is the big one, using glutathione to totally revamp skin on a deeper level. Firming, brightening and antioxidative, what’s not to love? 

Top reasons to try our facial peels

If you’re new to the whole chemical peel thing, don’t worry – it’s a totally safe, minimally invasive, and low-pain procedure and we carry them out on our lovely clients every week. Here are some great reasons to try this treatment:

– Can treat everything from acne to ageing, pigmentation and scarring
– Some can be tailored to your unique skin make-up and concerns
– Ideal for both men and women – because beauty knows no bounds
– Results are immediately visible and can improve over time

Book in today

At L’atelier Aesthetics clinic, we’re always excited to treat clients new and familiar. In fact, we’ll probably love your results just as much as you! For any kind of treatment here at our Mayfair skin clinic, from our lovely facial peels, to other methods such as microneedling or dermal fillers, get in touch with our wonderful team today and we’ll look forward to welcoming you soon.


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