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Non-surgical aesthetics that provide surgical results

Surgery is becoming more and more unattractive to those who are familiar with aesthetic treatments. It can represent a big commitment and investment; in downtime, recovery, and cost to name but a few. While surgery can take hours to complete, months to recover fully from, and cost a fortune, aesthetic treatments come with comparatively less fat to chew. You can now achieve surgical results with the comfort and ease of non-surgical aesthetics.


L’Atelier Aesthetics are proud to offer non-surgical treatments that not only deliver great results but save our clients time and money too. There is no need to go under the knife when we can offer these great treatments…


The non-surgical rhinoplasty

This treatment, also affectionately known as the non-surgical nose job, is one of the latest in advanced non-surgical aesthetics. Targeted and precise injections of dermal fillers and Botox can address bumps, ridges, and asymmetry across the bridge of your nose. We use expert techniques to reshape and sculpt the nose to help correct the results of trauma or unwanted natural shape. This treatment is non-invasive, requires no cutting of the skin, and comes with no downtime. It can be performed in as little as 15 minutes and only requires topical numbing cream before treatment.


The non-surgical facelift

The Silhouette Soft Thread Lift has come to be known as the non-surgical facelift with very good reason. Fine, dissolvable threads are placed under the skin to instantly lift and tighten. The great thing about this treatment is that the threads stimulate the production of fresh collagen, which we naturally lose as we age and keeps our skin firm. This ensures your results continue to develop naturally and subtly over time, achieving an instant yet also gradual treatment outcome. This treatment is great for adding facial definition, lifting, and shaping areas such as the brow, mid face, jowl area, and neck.


The fluid facelift

Another exceptional alternative to the surgical facelift is the fluid facelift. Also known as the 8-point lift, this treatment uses 8 strategic placements of dermal filler to lift and define the mid face. Used in problematic areas such as the cheeks, below the eyes, nose-to-mouth lines, jaw, and jowls, we can contour and refresh loose skin. One of the benefits of this treatment, other than its non-surgical beauty, is that it can be topped up or dissolved at any point. This treatment can be entirely tailored to you and your facial structure and uses a sugar that naturally occurs in the body. It’s entirely safe, entirely yours, and entirely effective.


Why we prefer non-surgical to surgical treatments

Surgical treatments offer instant and permanent results, but this is where we draw our first comparison. Their permanent results often mean that if you aren’t happy with them, more surgery is required to correct or alter them. This means more trauma for the body, more recovery time, and more money for patients. Non-surgical treatments can be altered should they need to be, have very little downtime let alone recovery time, and cost a fraction of the investment. Furthermore, because of their temporary nature, they allow you to grow into your results as you age rather than growing out of a permanent facelift. If you decide that you wouldn’t like the treatment again, then you don’t need to ‘top up’ with another appointment. There is no obligation or commitment with non-surgical aesthetics, so you can control what you do or don’t experience.


All of these advanced techniques require specialist training, and the professionals at L’Atelier on Harley Street are more than capable of performing them. We believe in subtle and natural-looking treatment tailored to your needs, so you will always receive the best results. Book your initial consultation on 0207 637 3208 or enquire online today.

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