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3 Cheers For Skin Peels!

This is your winter warning! Your skin is about to enter the roughest time of the year, with all the cold weather will throw at it – dryness, itchy patches and problem flare-ups, to name but a few. At L’Atelier, your Harley Street aesthetic clinic, we specialise in more than facial filler. We also help your skin look and feel beautiful with our specialist chemical peels, which in turn can give you a radiant, healthy and happy appearance. Here’s why we love our peels…

Dull, tired skin

Has your skin lost its youthful sparkle? Has your peachy complexion gone grey? When our skin starts to look dull and tired, we feel dull and tired, too. We highly recommend our Radiant 20/10 and Radiant 30 chemical peels for lacklustre skin – they can help boost cell turnover and collagen production while exfoliating your face, helping restore that radiant glow.

Problem skin

Whether it’s patches of pigmentation or the marks, pits and waves of acne scarring skin problems can leave us feeling awkward and ashamed, as well as being ageing. Chemical peels can help reveal the skin below through gentle exfoliation, which can ‘reverse’ years of skin damage. The result is smoother, more youthful skin. Our glow and TCA peels are the perfect problem-skin saviours. 

Aged skin

The sun is the leading cause of skin ageing, thanks to its powerful UV rays (the reason we always advise on wearing daily sun protection – even on your lips!). Sun worshippers, take note – all that time on the beach and in tanning beds may actually be harming your skin, and speeding up the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Our Perfect Peel is highly recommended for those looking for a bright, clear complexion. 

Why choose a chemical peel?

While facials and skincare can go a long way in boosting your appearance, chemical peels can go that bit deeper into the skin, gently peeling away the upper layers of dull, damaged and defective skin. Think of it as the ultimate reset for your complexion!

Why choose L’Atelier?

We’ve years of experience in a range of aesthetic treatments, and are well established in London’s Harley Streetmedical district. We’ve also tried lots of our treatments ourselves, so we know what works!

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