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Which chemical peel is right for me?

A chemical peel might sound like just that – a one-size-fits-all treatment that performs a chemical exfoliation on the surface of your skin. However, there are actually many different types of chemical peels with different ingredients that target different skin complaints. If you’re seeking to treat acne, you’ll need a different skin peel than someone seeking to treat hyperpigmentation. So, how do you know which chemical peel to choose? Well, here’s a handy guide…

Choosing a chemical peel for ageing skin

Ageing skin is a natural process, but there are treatments that can help reinstate a certain bounce and youthfulness to your skin. When your collagen levels deplete as you age, your skin becomes thinner and loses some of its fullness. This results in loose skin that can form fine lines in the tissue. Boosting collagen production can be done by slightly wounding the skin, and a chemical peel does, and this can add natural volume back into your skin. It also helps bring about a fresh and youthful glow to the skin, too.

Your recommended peels: AlumierMD Vitamin A, AlumierMD Radiant 20/10, Neostrata Glycolic Acid peel, or The Perfect Peel.

Choosing a chemical peel for acne-prone skin

You don’t need to be medically diagnosed with acne to experience a lot of spots of blemishes, excessive oil production, and congested skin. Acne has nothing to do with what is on the surface of the skin, and everything to do with how your skin functions. Acne is a result of the skin’s workings beneath its surface, so you need a chemical peel that will work to rebalance your skin and change its inner workings. This can be induced by purging the skin of excessive oil, drawing out blemishes beneath the surface, and encouraging increased skin cell turnover to essential relevel the skin and its oils.

Your recommended peels: Neostrata Clarifying peel, AlumierMD Detox Clear, and The Perfect Peel.

Choosing a chemical peel for acne scarring

Sadly, a battle with acne is often not over after simply conquering the blemishes and spots. Acne scarring is very common in skin of all ages, because particularly aggressive or frequently picked-at spots experience the destruction of collagen. This means that the vital building blocks for bouncy and thick skin are lost, resulting in pitfalls and ‘dips’ in the skin. This is the top layer of skin resting beneath a lower layer because it is not being held up by the collagen levels. Acne scarring might also include enlarged pores and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) which is when spots leave behind pink or purple pigmented marks on the skin, causing it to appear blotchy. Because chemical peels can encourage the production of collagen as well as resurfacing the skin, a course of the correct chemical peel can help.

Your recommended peels: TCA peel, Neostrata Brightening peel, AlumierMD Radiant 20/10.

Choosing a chemical peel for hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation may occur as either a form of acne scarring, as mentioned above, or because of sun damage that has accumulated over time. This occurs when the hormones that produce melanin in the skin remain permanently active after repeated and unprotected sun exposure. This is why hyperpigmentation can often become more prevalent as you age, because it has accumulated beneath the surface for many years before becoming visible. Aside from wearing sun protection whenever you are outside, the right chemical peel can help to treat the signs of sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Your recommended peels: AlumierMD Vitamin A, AlumierMD 20/10, and the Neostrata Brightening peel.


Even if you are not experiencing a complex skin condition such as those above, a chemical peel could help you achieve healthier and youthful skin. If you’d like to find out more about your proposed chemical peel on Harley Street, contact the team at L’Atelier Aesthetics today on 0207 637 3208 to arrange your initial skin consultation.

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