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Using the power of ultrasound technology, Sofwave treatment lifts the face, neck and eye area for a youthful, wide-awake look that helps banish eye bags and a tired appearance. Non-surgical, fast-acting, long-lasting – and totally revolutionary for your skin.



Through multiple ultrasound beams that deliver energy simultaneously, Sofwave can boost production of collagen and elastin – two essential, natural proteins – through activating the skin’s wound healing response. In turn, this helps achieve smooth, firm and rejuvenated skin.

As well as being used across the face, neck and décolletage, Sofwave is especially effective in the eye area, and can even achieve a lift of up to 4mm. Fast and effective, without the need for surgery, and with the power to deliver results in a single treatment, it’s no surprise that Sofwave is taking the aesthetics world by storm.

To book a consultation or to find out more about our Sofwave™ at L’Atelier Aesthetic skin clinic in Harley Street & Mayfair, London, contact our friendly team by calling 0207 637 3208 or sending an email to info@latelieraesthetics.co.uk.


  • Eye area
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Jawline
  • Cheeks

Your treatment journey

Discover how Sofwave could help you achieve your best every skin.



Your skin journey begins with a personal consultation at our aesthetics clinic in Mayfair and Harley Street, where we’ll assess your concerns, create a treatment plan and prep you for perfect skin.



Sofwave treatment uses ultrasound technology to get to work lifting and refining the skin. Within minutes, you could achieve a visible improvement in the appearance of your skin.



Forget tired eyes and sagging jowls. Sofwave’s deeply-penetrating ultrasound waves encourage the skin to heal and renew for a lifted, more youthful look that lasts.

The Experts


Our state-of-the-art clinic is tucked discreetly away within Harley Street, Mayfair – Marylebone, London’s most renowned medical district.

Our dedicated team offer a warm welcome alongside informed, expert and completely confidential advice. We’ll help you to address your concerns or goals and create a bespoke treatment plan to outline what’s involved, including aftercare and answers to any of your questions.

Your questions answered

  • It’s a way to help tone the skin without the need for surgical intervention. It stimulates collagen and elastin proteins, key building blocks for skin, using a heated beam that’s carefully controlled to protect the skin as it works and reduce any downtime and discomfort. In fact, the technology features a built-in Sofcool mechanism to cool as it corrects.

  • Results can develop immediately, and improve over time, with the full effects usually developing within 12 weeks. Most experts agree that results last an average of 12 months, with optimum results achieved in 2 sessions.

  • Although powerful, Sofwave shouldn’t cause any discomfort, though you may feel the sensation of treatment. Whatever treatment you have with us, we aim to keep all our clients as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

  • Yes, it’s clinically safe with proven efficacy. This means it’s been fully tested and approved for use as an anti-ageing, aesthetics treatment, with proven results.

  • Our expert team will guide you caring for your skin following Sofwave treatment, but as a general rule with most of our aesthetics treatments, you should avoid touching the area after a procedure; ensure you wear sun protection; limit alcohol in the first 24 hours; and follow the aftercare guidelines we give you at our clinic.

amazing results

“Perfect service as always and great results. Best on Harvey St.”

*Individual results may vary.


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