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Lip Fillers: How Do You Choose What ml?

At L’Atelier, based near Mayfair, we love to offer our clients bespoke aesthetic treatments with an experience they won’t get anywhere else. From lip injections to anti-wrinkle treatment, we have it all –…

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Are Vitamin Drips Safe?

At L’Atelier, based in Harley Street, we’re proud to offer contemporary aesthetic treatments that help you get the best out of your skin – and all while restoring that inner confidence and outer…

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What Not To Do After A Chemical Peel

Our experts often call chemical peels the ultimate in skin ‘resurfacing’ treatments. Why? Because not only can they help exfoliate away aged, dull and dry skin, but they can help bring the younger,…

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What Not To Do After Lip Injections

Whether you’re booked in for lip injections at our skin clinic near Mayfair, or you’re just reading up on the treatment before taking the plunge, look no further. Today’s post centres around lip…

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5 Reasons To Visit A Skin Clinic

Everyone deserves skin they feel happy, beautiful and comfortable in. The good news is that taking care of your skin is easy when you know how – especially when you have a little…

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You Asked: Does Microneedling Work?

At our skin clinic here in Harley Street, we help men and women achieve healthier, younger-looking skin while giving you a boost of confidence along the way. One of our favourite transformational treatments…

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