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Which Face Lift Will Best Suit You?

Face lifts from our Marylebone clinic have come a long way since traditional surgical face lifts were all the rage; the type depicted in films and documentaries about celebrities. Long gone are the days when they were only affordable to the super-famous, who would languish at home for several weeks, while their faces healed; before emerging as a younger reinvention of themselves. These days stitching isn’t involved and neither, particularly, is any downtime! You can practically get a face lift in your work lunch hour!

Here at the L’Atelier clinic in Marylebone, our team of experienced and highly qualified practitioners offer three different non-invasive face lift options. All of which should provide you with a natural looking and significant rejuvenation; lift sagging skin and make you look younger and more rested. Let’s have a look at the options you’ll be offered during your initial face lift consultation with us.

About our Marylebone thread lifts

Thread lifts involve dissolvable threads being inserted into the lower face using a long needle. Cones attached to the threads suck onto the skin, so that when the threads are tightened, the skin is lifted.

The action of inserting the threads also causes an increase in collagen production, stimulating the body to create fresher skin tissue around the face area, so although you’ll notice a difference in your face straight away, rejuvenating improvements in your appearance will continue to appear for weeks after the treatment.

Fluid facelifts in Marylebone

You might have heard about dermal filler treatment. Fillers are used to plump up thinning skin areas and can be used to create a lifting effect. The dermal fillers themselves consist of hyaluronic gels, which when injected under the skin, soak up water to create a cushioning effect. Administered in collagen-weak areas of the face, dermal fillers provide a fluid facelift, that will restore a youthful volume to your face and essentially turn back the clock by a few years.

Fusion facelifts in Marylebone

A fusion facelift is a combination of threadlift and dermal filler treatment. You’ll receive a bespoke combination treatment designed to combat your own individual signs of ageing.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the facelifts we provide, please get in touch to book your consultation.

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