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La Peel Diary – AlumierMD UK Glow Peel

Alumier MD UK Glow Peel

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#LAPeelDiary is back – this week we’re trying the Alumier MD UK Glow Peel.

1Peel day:Whilst the treatment was very intense with some heat and tingling – my skin looks amazing! Smooth, clear and dewy. However, I am expecting some shedding over the next couple of days.
2Day 1 Post Peel:My skin is feeling and looking great! No dryness or flaking, my skin is glowing, smooth and looking much more evenly toned.
3Day 2 Post Peel:There wasn’t much change on today but I did notice some redness creeping in on the lower sections of my cheeks – nothing a bit of make-up can’t cover.
4Day 3 Post Peel:Okay so I may have thought I’d miraculously skipped the peeling part of the recovery process, simply because my skin looked so good directly after the peel! Today the flaking began, along the bottom of my cheeks and chin.
5Day 4 Post Peel:I am no longer able to hide my flaking skin with make up! It doesn’t upset me, as I know underneath the dead cells, my skin will hopefully be rejuvenated and glowing!
6Day 5 Post Peel:My predictions were correct! Within a week of my Alumier MD Glow peel my general skin quality and skin tone is looking remarkably better! I do have a very thin layer flaking skin in some areas but it is virtually undetectable. Overall, I am thrilled once again by the fast and effective results of Alumier MD’s fantastic peel range.
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