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What Not To Do After A Chemical Peel at L'atelier Aesthetics in Harley Street

What Not To Do After A Chemical Peel

What Not To Do After A Chemical Peel

Our experts often call chemical peels the ultimate in skin ‘resurfacing’ treatments. Why? Because not only can they help exfoliate away aged, dull and dry skin, but they can help bring the younger, newer, smoother skin below, to light.

Chemical peels might sound aggressive or synthetic, but they’re actually a great option for those looking to makeover their skin, target problem areas (such as pigmentation or scarring) and make their complexion a little brighter and healthier. Read on about what not to do after a chemical peel treatment.

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1: Pick the skin

It’s so tempting to pick at the peely bits that develop over the next few days, but it does more harm than help. You could cause an infection to break out, develop scarring from damaging the skin, and even create uneven skin tone (which is ironic, as some of these are problems that a successful chemical peel can help to treat).

2: Get additional treatments

Your skin really needs time to recover and rejuvenate after a chemical peel. Whether you’ve had a surface peel or an in-depth, deep chemical peel, your skin cells need to be able to renew properly. Having a facial, dermabrasion, injectables and other types of treatment could affect your results, lead to the problems listed previously AND make your skin sore. It’s best to wait until you’ve fully healed before having any of these, and you might find that your chemical peel results are so fantastic, that you don’t need them anyway!

3: Stay out in the sun

A chemical peel can be intensive for the skin, leading to sensitivity and tenderness. Because you’ve stripped back some of the layers, to that baby new skin underneath, it needs all the sun protection it can get. We can definitely advise you on the right skincare products to use (we also make suggestions on different product formulas and what’s suitable for different skin types), so make sure to ask us during your facial peel treatment.

What else do I need to know?

At our Harley Street & Mayfair skin clinic, we give all our clients detailed aftercare advice, so you’re fully ‘in the know’ about the ins and outs of your treatment. This helps your skin to heal and your results to sparkle for that bit longer. If in doubt about any aspect of a procedure, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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