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Chemical peels at L'atelier Aesthetics in Harley Street

Are Chemical Peels Good For Hyperpigmentation?

Are Chemical Peels Good For Hyperpigmentation?


We all want perfect skin – or at least, skin that’s more luminous, smooth, youthful and even-toned. Luckily, we have lots of aesthetics treatments here in our Harley Street skin clinic that can get your complexion looking and feeling its best. In today’s post, we’ll talk about hyperpigmentation and suitable treatments, so you can finally get that gorgeous glow and enjoy skin that’s more uniform.

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Hyperpigmentation explained

Before looking into possible treatments for hyperpigmentation, it helps to know whether you have it, or another skin concern.

Hyperpigmentation is essentially patches of darker skin, which can be a small area, or even affect the whole body. It’s not usually a cause for concern but can affect your confidence and self-esteem.

Hyperpigmentation can be grouped into three types. Most often, it’s caused by sun exposure, and results in age spots. It can also commonly develop after an injury or inflammation of the skin (for example, due to a skin condition such as acne). And, during hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or menopause, one type of hyperpigmentation, known as melasma or ‘pregnancy mask’, can develop on the stomach or face.

The Chemical peels treatment

One of our recommendations for hyperpigmentation is, as this blog post suggests, chemical peels. The treatment aims to refresh and revitalise through a peeling action, which removes the skin’s outer layers and reveals the smooth, bright and youthful skin below. We recommend our AlumierMD peels for hyperpigmentation, or our perfect peel, one of our signature facial peels here in Harley Street.

Other skin clinic treatments

As well as facial peels, we also offer a range of other treatments that can help target hyperpigmentation. These include:

  • Cosmelan Treatment– Cosmelan is a world-leading depigmentation treatment which reduces or completely eliminates the appearance of melasma or dark spots on the skin.
  • Microneedling – using a cluster of fine needles, the skin is carefully pricked to prompt the healing process and encourage collagen production.
  • Bespoke skincare – we can assess your skin type and concerns and develop a routine that helps balance, correct and beautify.
  • Mesotherapy – this treatment involves injecting a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, together with hyaluronic acid and amino acids, to anti-age and resurface the skin.

Which is right for you? Peels or other treatments?

Any aesthetics treatment here at our Harley Street skin clinic begins with a consultation. We can take a closer look at your skin, get to know your concerns, and plan for treatment that will help ensure your desired results. We can also advise on whether your skin would benefit best from a facial peel, or one of our other treatments. Based in London’s medical district, we’ve built a strong reputation over the years for excellence in aesthetics and look forward to helping you with your skin.

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