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Lip Fillers: How Do You Choose What ml?

At L’Atelier, based near Mayfair, we love to offer our clients bespoke aesthetic treatments with an experience they won’t get anywhere else. From lip injections to anti-wrinkle treatment, we have it all –…

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What Not To Do After Lip Injections

Whether you’re booked in for lip injections at our skin clinic near Mayfair, or you’re just reading up on the treatment before taking the plunge, look no further. Today’s post centres around lip…

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Lip Fillers: There Are No Stupid Questions

Even those who regularly try out facial aesthetic treatments can have questions about their treatment – and that’s the case even for common, long-standing treatments such as lip fillers. In this post, the…

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Show Your Lips Some Love

Your lips are gorgeous – after all, they’re the heart of your smile. But so many of our clients here at our Harley Street skin clinic are focused on getting their skin up…

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Shortcut To Gorgeous: Lip Fillers

When it comes to beauty treatments, lots of our clients here at our Mayfair aesthetic clinic are looking for a quick fix – something that can instantly make a difference, with little downtime….

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3 Ways Lip Fillers Boost Your Smile

Lip fillers have certainly taken the world by storm, partly thanks to their celebrity connection. This non-permanent treatment uses hyaluronic acid to hydrate from the inside, giving you a gorgeous, glossier-looking pout. They…

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