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Lip fillers Do's and Don'ts

Lip Filler Dos & Don’ts

Looking for some easy info on lip fillers? Today, we’ll break out some quick dos and don’ts for everyone interested in the procedure.

DO your research

Whatever aesthetic treatment you’re interested in having, it can be easy to get sucked in thinking about the benefits, without checking the clinic out, making sure you’re visiting an expert with the right experience and/or qualifications, and any risks that might occur from your procedure. With lip fillers – as with any injectable – you may experience some redness, tender skin, bruising and swelling, so it’s important to manage your expectations before booking your treatment.

DO follow pre-and post-care

Lip fillers need to be cared for properly – it’s no use trying to eat and drink right after treatment, for example, and you’ll need to avoid touching the area and wearing make-up immediately afterwards. Here at our Harley Street aesthetic clinic, we don’t believe your treatment ends when you leave us. We want to be here through any recovery needed too, so you can enjoy the best possible results.

DON’T live with poor results

If you’ve had lip fillers elsewhere and experienced a negative outcome, don’t worry. Providing your treatment was hyaluronic acid-based, we might be able to dissolve your lip injections right here at our Harley Street aesthetic clinic. Just book in for a consultation, and we’ll see how we can help.

DON’T skimp on price

Just as it pays to do your research, it also pays to, well, pay. Because a cheap treatment might come with a whole host of problems, like poorer quality lip injections, or a practitioner with less experience. While we admit we’re not the cheapest aesthetic clinic here in Harley Street, we are one of the most reputable, and provide real value for money – especially as we get it right the first time.

DON’T fall into the surgery trap

It’s too easy to be tempted by drastic, permanent surgery when looking to enhance our features. But not only does this mean more downtime and expense, but greater risk, too. Surgery comes with a much larger chance of infection and you will experience a lot more discomfort than with lip injections. However, if you’d like a more dramatic transformation and are looking at surgical treatment for other areas of your face, it could be a better option. But, it’s worth mentioning that lip fillers are so flexible as a procedure, as not only can you build on your look, you can take it down a notch or two through dissolvers, as well.

DO book with L’Atelier

We’d love to help enhance your appearance with our carefully applied lip injections. Talk to us to book a consultation, and start your exciting skin journey today!

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