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What Lip Fillers Do Celebrities Use?

Celebrities are known for being style icons and trendsetters, and it’s no different when it comes to aesthetic treatments. Here are a few celebrities who’ve used lip fillers to enhance their looks.

Celebrities with lip injections

  • Kylie Jenner

Probably the most famous lip filler lover of all, Kylie reportedly uses Juvederm, which can help your skin produce collagen, is ideal for face contouring, and is a long-lasting, anti-ageing treatment. Although she favours a less dramatic pout nowadays, Kylie’s lip look is still in demand.

  • Charlotte Crosby

Although we don’t know which type of lip filler Charlotte uses, she’s long been a fan of aesthetic treatments like Botox and fillers and surgical enhancements like breast augmentation. Charlotte’s look has changed throughout the years, from boosting her lip volume and shape to a more dramatic style – though we tend to favour a more natural enhancement here in London.

  • Lady Gaga

The fresh-faced singer of many looks and styles says she won’t stretch to plastic surgery but has had Juvederm and other fillers in the past. We love the subtle touches she’s made to her lips and other areas of her face through the use of dermal fillers – like her cheeks and jawline.

  • Cindy Crawford

Though we couldn’t find concrete evidence that Cindy’s had to lip fillers – she has spoken candidly about her plastic surgery and botox treatments in the past – we wouldn’t be surprised if the supermodel has used them to enhance her stellar smile.


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Reasons to try lip Fillers

Lip fillers are a fantastic way to augment your lips, address asymmetry or thin lips, and shape them to perfection. In fact, it’s one of our most popular treatments.

The typical cost of lip injections

At the time of writing (March 2022), our lip fillers start at £250, though this depends on the amount of filler you’re using, the areas you’re targeting and whether you’re topping lips up or starting fresh.

A note on dissolving lip injections

Yes, you’ve heard right: lip fillers can be dissolved. Because lip injections use hyaluronic acid, you can remove the filler if you’re dissatisfied with your results. This doesn’t really happen at our London clinic, though we do get requests to dissolve filler that’s been carried out by other clinics.

Booking lip injections in London

Talk to our team to book a lip filler consultation at our London clinic. Visit our website for all the details.


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