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Body Conditions


Wrinkled Hands

Hands are prone to premature ageing as they are exposed a great deal to the sun and other elements.

Recommended Treatment: Hand rejuvenation

Excessive Sweating

This common condition can cause embarrassment, stress and anxiety. A specialised form of wrinkle reduction treatment can be highly effective in tackling this problem.

Recommended Treatment: Sweat reduction

Spider Veins

Also known as thread veins, we can effectively target clusters of these unsightly veins with microsclerotherapy.

Recommended Treatment: Microsclerotherapy

Varicose Veins

These enlarged veins raised above the skin can now be targeted in an innovative and minimally-invasive way.

Recommended Treatment: Radio Frequency Ablation

Ageing Decolletage

The skin on the upper chest is delicate, thin and sensitive – making it particularly susceptible to the signs of ageing.

Recommended Treatment: Chemical peels

Additional Treatments: Micro-needling Mesotherapy


This lumpy, dimpled flesh is often found on thighs, hips and tummies. It can be very stubborn but will improve significantly with the right treatment.

Recommended Treatment: Mesotherapy

Additional Treatments: Nutrition Fitness

Tummy Fat / Love Handles

A busy work life and an even busier social life can leave very little time to think about exercise and healthy eating, leading to an increase in unwanted weight. At L’Atelier we can give you nutrition and fitness advice that you will easily be able to fit into your busy schedule.

Recommended Treatment: Nutrition

Additional Treatments: Fitness

*Individual results may vary.