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Body Treatments



Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can be embarrassing and lifestyle-limiting. Luckily, L’Atelier can help you take back control of your body by using the same product for wrinkle reduction treatment.

Recommended Treatment: Excessive sweating


The skin on our hands can show signs of ageing that other parts of us may not be, so hand rejuvenation using treatments like dermal fillers and mesotherapy can be particularly effective in restoring lost volume.

Recommended Treatment: Hand rejuvenation


These small clusters of red or blue veins are also known as spider or broken veins. They can be embarrassing or unsightly for our clients, which is why L’Atelier offers this advanced treatment for thread veins.

Recommended Treatment: Microsclerotherapy


These enlarged veins show above the skin and can be sore, tender, and unsightly. We understand our clients’ discomfort, which is why we are proud to offer proven treatments that are far less invasive than surgery.

Recommended Treatment: Varicose veins

*Individual results may vary.