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Winter-proof Your Skin: Part 2

Winter is on its way, but is your skin prepared? Whether it’s the effects of strong sunshine – the sun naturally hangs lower in the sky during the winter months – or you’re lucky enough to be skirting the pandemic and jetting off somewhere hot and beautiful, when it comes to our skin, it really pays to be prepared.

At L’Atelier, your aesthetics clinic near Mayfair, skin is definitely our thing. We know that taking care of it in the moment pays off now and later, and we also know a few tricks and secrets to turning back the clock. Because who doesn’t want smooth, supple, sexy skin?

We’ve already shared a few tips in the first part of our post here, where we spoke about eyes and lips. Now, we’re sharing a few for face and hands. Without further ado…


Did you know that UV rays from the sun are the leading cause of skin ageing? Now ask yourself honestly – how often do you wear sun protection? Signs of sun damage range from sagging and wrinkles, to pigmentation problems, to spider veins. It can also be prone to dryness.

Tips for your face

Hydrate & exfoliate – quench the skin while buffing away dead skin cells to renew and restore its appearance.
Use SPF 30 products – even on a dull, cold or cloudy day, the sun can still damage skin.
Always remove make-up – micellar water is kindest, working like a magnet to draw out impurities without the need to rub skin.

Treatments with L’Atelier

At our aesthetics clinic near Mayfair , we can help you get the best out of your skin. Our chemical peels can help resurface, bringing the newer skin below to the surface for a more youthful glow, while our microneedling treatment can work wonders on pigmentation. Chemical peels aren’t as severe as they sound and can be used in combination with microneedling treatment for optimum results.


Our hands can sometimes make us appear older than we are – after all, we put them through their paces daily, and thanks to the pandemic, we’re washing and cleansing them more than ever, which can lead to drying. Add cold weather to the mix, and it’s a recipe for dehydrated, wrinkly-looking skin. The skin here can also appear thinner with age, which can expose some of the delicate tendons below.

Tips for hands

Switch to a hydrating hand sanitiser – in the pandemic, we’re washing our hands more than ever. A non-drying sanitiser can help keep hands moist. 
Boost nail growth – cold weather can slow growth, so invest in a nail treatment to keep them looking their best. Many also prevent splitting and brittleness, too.
Try an overnight treatment – you’ve probably heard of overnight gloves? These involve an intensive moisturising cream too, leaving hands silky soft when you wake.

Treatments with L’Atelier

Here at our aesthetics clinic near Mayfair, we offer dermal fillers to help boost volume in the hands, especially where ageing has left veins and tendons more visible. We can also carry out microneedling treatment on various areas of the body – when used on the hands, it could improve the appearance of sun spots, thanks to its ability to prompt skin renewal.

Don’t forget to see our other tips in the first part of our post, here.

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