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Winter-proof Your Skin: Part 1

We’re deep into autumn now, and if you haven’t been making your skin a priority, it’s definitely time you did. Cold weather is a killer on our skin, and the sun can still be bright and intense, even during a colder time of year. Not only that, but if you’re lucky enough to catch a break and go abroad during the pandemic, you could be dealing with blistering hot weather or the call of the ski slopes.

At L’Atelier, your aesthetics clinic near Mayfair, we’re well-versed in all things skin. We like to say we invest in our skin, because by using the right care and protection, we can prolong its texture, suppleness and youthful appearance – all things which make us feel happy and confident. In this post, we’ll share our tips for how to winter-proof your skin.


The eyes have it! Often, the eyes are what draws us to a person – and if yours look tired, baggy, sunken in or wrinkled, it can age your appearance. However, the skin around the eyes is quite thin and delicate.

Tips for eyes

Hydrate with eye cream – apply with your ring finger, which gives the gentlest touch on skin.
 – Try a DIY remedy – if your eyes are puffy, cucumber slices or green tea bags work wonders, while yoghurt could help restore moisture.
Always remove make-up – micellar water is kindest, working like a magnet to draw out impurities without the need to rub skin.

Treatments with L’Atelier

At our aesthetics clinic near Mayfair , some of our treatments are specifically designed to enhance and improve the appearance of your eyes. For lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, we recommend anti-wrinkle injections, which can soften their appearance. And for a sunken appearance under the eyes, dermal fillers can plump and hydrate the area.


Many people don’t realise that your lips need care, just as the rest of your skin does. Our lips are extremely sensitive, however, and can become dry in colder weather, or even become sunburnt in hot weather.

Tips for lips

Use SPF protection – many lip products, especially lip balms, contain around SPF 15 to give lips protection from damaging UV rays.
Banish cold sores – these itchy, painful blisters can rupture and spread, so a cold sore cream is essential.
Exfoliate and renew – a lip scrub can help gently sweep away dead skin cells to leave lips smooth and soft.

Treatments with L’Atelier

Here at our aesthetics clinic near Mayfair, We can target ageing lips, where lines around the area are prominent, with dermal fillers – while thin lips lacking in definition and volume could benefit from our lip injections, which give a natural-looking enhancement. Both lip injections and dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which also has moisturising benefits.  

We cover off a few more areas to pay attention to in the second part of our post, here.

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