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The New Way To Boost Your Energy

Autumn is coming calling – are you ready for it? With darker days, many of us start to feel sluggish and craving warmer, sunnier weather, finding the change in temperature difficult to adjust to (though that’s not to say there isn’t joy to be found in a Pumpkin Spice Latte).

We’re leading increasingly busy lives, too, balancing work, family and social commitments, and dealing with a pandemic along the way… Life can feel tiring and with that, you’re more susceptible to feeling run-down. It’s a no-brainer: it’s time to focus your energy on, well, your energy. Here’s how.

Introducing IV drip therapy

We’ve been offering this special treatment for a while now, but we know there are lots of clients-in-need out there who haven’t even heard of it, and have no idea how it could help transform their lives. IV drip therapy isn’t anything to be afraid of, and it’s not painful. In fact, it’s a good thing to do to your body; we call it ‘the most effective way to re-energise’.

How it works

IV drip therapy is just like a drip you’d have at the hospital – it’s a liquid mix that’s delivered straight to your bloodstream via a small tube, which is inserted into a vein. You’ll get a much higher concentration of the good stuff than you would through an alternative, such as an oral supplement.

What it treats

Energy is its biggest positive, but it’s also used to boost immunity and to help get a handle on stress. There can also be detoxifying benefits, to – and it’s linked to treating signs of ageing. We like to think of it being a rejuvenating treatment.

At our Harley Street clinic, we recommend IV drip treatments for headaches, lack of energy and focus, and bloating. Our clients feel the effects right away, and these improve over the following days.

What else to try

Eating well, exercising regularly and getting regular sleep can all work wonders on your energy level, but this type of therapy is ideal when you need that little boost or pick-me-up. We can also offer other treatments to complement your results, such as our nutrition service.

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