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Why Some Skin Products Can Aggravate Ageing Skin

Some women notice that as they get older, their once trouble-free facial skin begins to develop blemishes and acne that had never been a problem before. This could be because as we get older, we tend to try new skin products that boast they can combat ageing. As a result we find ourselves applying a multitude of leading serums and moisturisers to our now drier skin. Our skin becomes overwhelmed with new products and a reaction often occurs.

Rather than listen to the claims advertisers are paid to make about various skincare products, if you want to eliminate some of the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, why not try a treatment that has been proven to work? Here at our Harley Street clinic, we can provide client before and after photos to show you the skin rejuvenations that have been achieved via our services. We can also explain the science behind the cosmetic processes we use.

One of our most popular cosmetic treatments is our chemical peels. You might have experienced a fairly innocuous facial at a spa before, that massaged your skin and gave you a glow for 24 hours afterwards, but a chemical peel takes that facial one step further, giving you long lasting, effective results.

How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels are designed to exfoliate the outermost surface layer of your skin. The chemical solution that is used makes the body think it has damaged cells that need repairing, which leads to a sloughing of the surface cells, an increase in collagen production and the cell regeneration rate, all with a view to create you some fresh, new skin tissue on your face to replace the older tissue that was there before it.

On the day of your treatment, you’ll have the peel solution painted onto your skin in the target area and left for a few minutes before being cleansed away. That’s essentially the treatment. After approximately 6 days, you should feel the skin in that area begin to hardest, then peel away. When the fresh, new skin emerges it will be a little pink, but its pinkness will fade, giving you revitalised, less blemished skin.

The type of peel solution that will best suit what you’re trying to achieve will be determined during the consultation you’ll have with our experienced Harley Street practitioners. Chemical peels can solve a variety of skin complaints, which range from wrinkles, to sun damage, to acne or acne scars. Lighter peels can simply refresh dull, tired-looking skin, if you’re looking for a lasting overall glow, rather than to remedy a specific problem area.

To find out which chemical peel is going to best suit you, as well as find out more about our respected Harley Street practice, please give us a call to book your consultation. We offer flexible appointment times and should be able to find you a time to suit you.

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