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Chemical Peel Aftercare – the do’s and don’ts

A chemical peel with L’Atelier Aesthetics is a fantastic way to remodel and rejuvenate the skin. We use a regulated form of acid diluted to suit your skin’s needs to promote a healing process in the skin. Our chemical peel treatment in Mayfair is suitable for most skin types and is becoming increasingly popular, but peels do come with a set of guidelines.

In one of our May blog posts we explored the benefits of an in-clinic chemical peel rather than at-home. A huge reason for this is that we can guide you through our Chemical Peel aftercare, which is essential to your peel developing results and to your comfort.

Like most reputable skin clinics, we of course at L’Atelier Aesthetics want to help you look after your skin. This care and attention isn’t limited to you being physically in our clinic receiving treatment, it also branches to aftercare and support. Just because you’ve walked out of doors doesn’t mean you’ve left us behind, or us you, so we want to impart some of our Chemical peel aftercare knowledge.

Here’s how to look after your skin post-chemical peel:

Don’t scratch or pick at the treated area.

We know this might be tempting, but you’ll have to refrain. Even light chemical peels cause a slight peeling of the skin for a few days after treatment. This flaking is the dead, damaged, and dying skin cells reacting to the peel, falling away to reveal fresh skin underneath. It’s important not to give in to the urge to pick, rub, or scratch at this shedding skin. You may negatively affect your results and increase the chance of infection! A cold compress will help alleviate these itches, but otherwise we’d strongly advise against picking after your chemical peel.

Moisturise your skin.

Because your skin will be reacting to the peel by drying out and flaking, it’s important to give it a little extra moisture. Keep your face moisturised after a chemical peel until you’re sure your skin has completely healed. You should use moisturiser that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals which could irritate your sensitive skin. When you’re next in our skin clinic in Mayfair, why not ask us for our product and moisturiser recommendations?

Protect your post-peel skin from the sun.

Your chemical peel has taken most of the top layer of your skin off, which is great for rejuvenation and exfoliation. However, the skin underneath is fresh and new and therefore sensitive. It’s important to shield your skin from the sun for the first two weeks after a chemical peel, and even avoid direct and prolonged contact with it. Because this new skin beneath is just being welcomed to the world, you’re at risk of developing blotchy patches and irregular skin tone if you don’t. You should also be using SPF of 30+ during your aftercare stage (though using sunscreen should be in your routine regardless!)

Take a break from makeup.

During your Chemical Peel aftercare, if you wear makeup, it’s best to take a little break from your usual routine. Products like mascara will be fine, but any topical makeup for your skin like non-mineral foundation may clog your newly exposed and opened pores. For light peels, it’s possible that you could wear makeup within 1-2 days post-peel, but we’d recommend letting your skin heal and breathe a bit.

Reconsider your skincare products

The key to good chemical peel aftercare is letting your skin repair itself, therefore you should stop treatments right away to allow your skin to heal. As part of this healing process, you should also avoid using retinol a week before your peel and make sure you don’t use this whilst your skin is healing. Using soap-free cleansers will be kind to sensitive skin, so it’s worth investing in one if you haven’t got one already.

Everyone is different

If you’re experiencing elements post-chemical peel that are unexpected or you’re unsure of, of course you can contact us. We can book you a follow-up appointment to assess your results, best advise on further treatment, and how best to take care of your skin after your peel. Everyone’s skin is unique to them, so we’d much prefer you asking us for advice rather than shying away.

We value the effects of a chemical peel so much that our own Emma has been documenting her experiences with them. She has embarked upon a Skin Peel Journey to improve her skin and show you the process and results. If you’re considering refreshing your skin or you have an underlying skin condition, then a chemical peel in Mayfair might be perfect for you. Contact us today at L’Atelier Aesthetics on Harley Street to book your first appointment.

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