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Myths & Misconceptions: IV Drip Therapy

Here at L’Atelier, your Harley Street aesthetics clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to enhancing your health and beauty. Not only do we offer facial aesthetics treatments, but we complement your results through other avenues, including fitness, nutrition and even IV drip therapy.

Many of our clients are new to IV drip therapy, and either haven’t had it previously, or may not have heard of it at all. In reality, though, it’s set to change the face of health and beauty, working from within to give gorgeous results – from glowing skin to a boost to your immunity.

In this post, we’ll talk through some common myths and misconceptions about the treatment, so that you’ll know what to expect when you book in with us here at Harley Street – and so you can be fully informed about what’s involved.

1. The treatment is dangerous

All our treatments here at our Harley Street aesthetics clinic are delivered by fully-trained professionals who have the necessary credentials and experience. Your comfort and wellbeing is always our top priority, whatever you choose to have carried out with us, so  you can rest assured you’ll be well looked-after.

With IV drip therapy in Mayfair, we take a full medical history, and will also take blood samples to check your vitamin balance prior to treatment. This ensures your treatment is tailored towards exactly what your body needs. In addition, everything used in your IV drip is completely natural.

Finally, our treatments are led by IntraVita, one of the leading names in IV infusions and training practices, so you can place your trust in a treatment that has been fully researched and developed in accordance with medical experts.

2. IV drip therapy is expensive

When it comes to looking after yourself, we don’t think cost should matter. But equally, we don’t think anyone should have to miss out on results that matter to them. For IV drip therapy in Mayfair, we can offer a number of sessions for treatment, and if you’re a member of Skin Club, you may be eligible for discounts.

Whatever treatment you choose to have here at our aesthetics clinic, it’s likely that it’ll offer better value than a surgical alternative (plus a whole host of other benefits, too – such as fewer risks and downtime).

3. It’s better to take a supplement

One of the main benefits of IV drip therapy is that it gets to work straight away, being delivered directly to your system, and you’ll likely experience its effects immediately. In fact, lots of our clients report that they feel refreshed and revitalised while the treatment is taking place – and this only continues.

In addition, research shows that with tablets, 85% of the active nutrients are lost as they work through your system. Comparatively, 100% of these are delivered with IV drip therapy.

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