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Do Celebrities Get Chemical Peels?

Facial peels are a fantastic skin treatment that can help resurface and rejuvenate, while tackling signs of ageing, skin concerns such as acne scarring, and even everyday dullness and dryness. It’s no wonder, then, that chemical peels are loved by A-listers. In this post, we’ll reveal who’s having what, and recommend our top facial peels you could try for yourself, to get that gorgeous glow.

Model improvements

Both Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Emily Ratajkowski are said to be huge fans of a Beverly Hills chemical peel, which targets lines and wrinkles while boosting collagen, the key protein that keeps skin supple. Rosie has long been the front of M&S lingerie, while Emily famously starred in Robin Thicke’s controversial song, Blurred Lines. 

Caught in the act

Mandy Moore, an actress and singer best known for being Anne Hathaway’s high school antagonist in The Princess Diaries, is said to swear by a fruit enzyme peel which can even be applied to the neck, hands and chest. Jennifer Anniston has also used chemical peels in the past – and being a fresh-faced 51 years old, they clearly work for her. Finally, Goop! Founder and actress, Gwynneth Paltrow, relies on a ‘’gentle peel….to refresh her complexion’’ now and then.

Big business

Australian entrepreneur and actress, Melissa George, recommends a ‘’strong facial peel, every two years’’. In her mid-forties, she still appears baby-faced, and says she also uses sunscreen as part of her everyday regime, which can protect against damaging UV rays.

Facial peels with L’Atelier

There are 3 groups of facial peel we offer at our aesthetic clinic, near Mayfair:

AlumierMD peels: these medical-grade facial peels focus on radiance and luminosity, alongside tackling signs of ageing and even acne problems.

The Perfect Peel: using the key antioxidant, glutathione, this chemical peel firms, brightens and tightens skin – making it our ‘clear’ favourite!

TCA chemical peels: wrinkles, scarring and sun-damaged skin, begone! These miracle-workers help press reset on your complexion for exceptional results.

Book with L’Atelier

Are you ready to reveal? Simply visit our contact page for all the details, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a consultation for your facial peel. We’ll cover every element of treatment, including how to manage peeling and care for skin, and can recommend how many peels you’ll need for your anticipated results – and when you’ll need them. We’re so excited to see you at our aesthetics clinic near Mayfair soon!


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