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5 Misconceptions About Lip Enhancement & Dermal Fillers

L’Atelier Aesthetics - London Aesthetic Clinic

Lip Enhancement is an ever-growing aesthetic trend, made famous by celebrities like Kylie Jenner. Although this craze has pushed many to seek out treatment for fuller lips, there are many myths and rumours about the procedure; regarding its safety and results. Here at L’atelier Aesthetics, London, we tailor our treatments to each client’s anticipated finish. We offer a safe, secure service that creates plump, symmetrical and gorgeous lips with definition; that not only look incredible and on-trend, but compliment client’s natural features.

1. Lip Enhancement Won’t Suit My Face

Although lip enhancement can transform your look with fuller, beautiful lips, when you put your trust into a practitioner who lacks qualifications, experience and thus, credibility you are jeopardising the finish of your treatment. Inexperienced practitioners may not implement the correct dosage, quality and strength of filler product leaving you with a lacklustre result. We have all seen horror story-style images of when fillers can go wrong, but when you find a reputable clinic with many qualitative reviews, qualifications and skills like L’atelier Aesthetics, you can guarantee a fantastic result. At L’atelier we design each client’s result based on their personal features and expectations.


2. Poor Quality Fillers Can’t Be Fixed

The main reason that people refrain from aesthetic treatments is because they are nervous about the possibility of a procedure going wrong. The fear that an incorrectly implemented treatment cannot be reversed is frightening but for the most part, irrational. When in a trusted, professional facility, lip enhancement treatments very rarely do not reflect what was promised to clients. If the worst does happen, it can be disheartening and embarrassing; but in the hands of medical and aesthetic experts such as the professionals at L’atelier Aesthetics this problem can be averted, and if need be, reversed.

3. Lip Fillers Are Painful

When a lip enhancement treatment is undertaken by an experienced professional, pain during a procedure should be at a minimum. Numbing cream is applied beforehand, and L’atelier specialists will use a technique that is most effective, whilst being most comfortable for clients. At L’atelier, we provide ample client support and information about treatments, so if you have any queries about your procedure, speak to your dermatologist.


4. Lip Fillers Look ‘Fake’ & ‘Plastic

At L’atelier Aesthetics, we aim to achieve an attractive, rejuvenated yet subtle finish so that the only people aware that clients have had a treatment, are the client and the practitioner. Of course, we achieve the desired finish, but in a way that doesn’t dramatically impact the client’s appearance. We design our treatments around our client’s, so they will never appear out of proportion, ‘fake’ or ‘plastic.

5. Anyone Can Perform Lip Enhancement Treatments

Lip Enhancement treatments are extremely delicate and should only be carried out by aesthetics professionals. If you are considering lip augmentation, the most important steps you can take are to thoroughly research the procedure and the clinic’s that provide the highest-quality, credible service.

L’atelier are a fantastic choice for past and prospective lip enhancement clients that are seeking looking a natural finish, and a safe, effective treatment provided by knowledgeable specialists. If you have any questions regarding lip enhancement, dermal filers or would like additional information about L’atelier Aesthetics, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly, and informative team, or why not book a consultation?