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The Iron Clinic

Infusions to treat iron deficiency and anaemia

Harley Street, Mayfair

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At our aesthetic clinic on Harley Street, we believe in bringing the most pioneering, results-based treatments to our clients. Our partnership with The Iron Clinic is testament to this commitment. Based in Marylebone, this specialist, respected clinic was one of the first private clinics to offer iron infusions on an outpatient basis. Founded by Professor Toby Richards, a world-leading expert in the treatment of iron therapy, the clinic’s treatment delivers iron directly to the bloodstream through intravenous infusion.

Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anaemia and affects many people. Iron is essential for health and wellbeing as it’s present in haemoglobin found in red blood cells. Haemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body – providing muscles with energy, helping the brain to focus and concentrate, and maintaining a healthy immune system.

If you have too little iron, you may experience symptoms such as fatigue, paleness, feel short of breath, hair loss, dry mouth and be prone to infection. What makes iron-infusion treatment so different is that it replenishes your iron stores directly. Changes to your diet and iron tablets can help over time, but most patients report feeling better in just a few days after an iron infusion.*

£200 for a full consultation
£570 for a full treatment

About The Iron Clinic

  • Established in 2015 and led by Professor Toby Richards, a renowned iron-therapy expert
  • Highest standards of care
  • Safe and professional environment where you’ll feel reassured, informed and confident
  • All doctors at the clinic carry out extensive research into the use of intravenous iron

If you want to know more about our iron infusion clinic on Harley Street, Mayfair, or have any questions regarding this treatment, then give us a call on 0207 637 3208, or fill out our contact form.

A new way to treat iron deficiency

Traditionally, iron deficiency is treated with iron tablets and changes to a person’s diet. Iron tablets are poorly absorbed by the body (only 4 to 16mg of a 200mg dose is actually absorbed). This means that stabilising iron deficiency and improving the body’s iron stores could take several months.

Iron infusions deliver iron directly to the bloodstream for far quicker results.* A small plastic tube (cannula) is inserted into the vein of your arm before a slow iron infusion is administered via an infusion pump containing the correct level of iron over the appropriate period of time. The iron infusion procedure is similar to having a blood test.

About the Iron Clinic

*Individual results may vary.

The Iron Clinic

Your Questions Answered

    • How is iron deficiency diagnosed?

      The Iron Clinic will take a small sample of your blood to determine whether your iron levels are low. They will then advise if an iron infusion would be beneficial and if so, the iron dosage to be infused.

      It’s extremely important to treat any underlying causes of iron deficiency and/or anaemia. This will be discussed by your doctor.

    • How long will the results last?

      If you maintain a healthy diet which includes iron after the iron infusion treatment, symptoms should be improved for the longer term. Most people no longer need to take iron tablets.*

    • What are the benefits of an iron infusion?

      Unlike traditional treatments such as iron tablets and changes to diet, iron infusions can safely replenish iron levels in a single treatment. This is due to 2 new preparations of iron which have been developed in the last 5 years. The new ‘total dose’ infusions correct iron stores rapidly ensuring that iron is delivered straight to the muscles and bone marrow where it is needed most. This means that most people notice an improvement within the first few days feeling less tired with more energy, better concentration and less breathless when taking exercise (excercising).*

    • Are there any side effects?

      The iron infusion is considered to be a safe procedure. Side effects are minor and affect around 3 to 4 people in every 100. They include a metallic taste in the mouth, mild flushing or feeling queasy.

    *Individual results may vary.

    • What does an iron infusion treat?

      Iron infusion treats iron deficiency and anaemia effectively and safely. Doing so generates a host of health benefits. For example, women’s health can be boosted with proven benefits including more vitality, better quality of life, improved exercise performance and better hair growth.

      Intravenous iron is also beneficial in supporting the treatment of many illnesses associated with iron deficiency and anaemia including heart disease. It can also aid cancer therapy and patients undergoing operations.

    • How long does the iron infusion treatment take?

      This walk-in walk-out procedure takes from 15 to 30 minutes.

    *Individual results may vary.

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