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How treating thread veins in winter benefits next summer

thread veins treatment in london

Time is absolutely flying by – where did summer go, how have we already passed Halloween, and why are Christmas decorations surfacing in shops? Before we knew it, summer came and went in a flurry of heat-waves and staycations. In fact, lets cast our minds back to this summer. We experienced a heatwave that made 2018’s the joint hottest UK summer on record, and a rising number of people said they would holiday at home if these temperatures continued. With the constant hot weather and a wardrobe of summer clothes, we bet you weren’t wearing wool trousers. However, exposing your legs in shorts, dresses, or skirts isn’t as easy and care-free as it is for some. Revealing your thread veins to the world causes some people a lot of anxiety and a loss of self-confidence, so how can you treat thread veins so that they’re nowhere to be seen next summer?


Introducing: microsclerotherapy

Treating thread veins is simple and effective with L’Atelier Aesthetics. Using a sclerosing agent of concentrated salt-water solution that we inject into the veins, we cause the vein walls to swell. These walls eventually swell so much that they close the vein, stopping the minute blood flow in the vessel. The body then recycles this broken vein and reabsorbs it safely. Because these veins are so small, they are inconsequential to your health to stop their blood flow. This makes the treatment very safe while still delivering excellent results.


Why should I start my thread vein treatment in winter?

There are a few reasons why winter is the perfect time to start your thread vein removal, and we’ve done the thinking ahead for you. One of the first reasons is the rather obvious: you’re not going to be revealing your bare legs as much in winter. Covering up in tights, trousers, and leggings to keep warm in the winter months invariably means that you don’t need to worry about the day-to-day appearance of legs because your thread veins will be hidden. This means you can undergo treatment without worrying about the appearance of temporary side effects such as slight bruising. You can cocoon yourself in warm clothes during winter, receive treatment, and then blossom as a butterfly in summer with nobody being the wiser.


Planning ahead for next summer

Another reason to consider beginning your thread vein treatment in winter is because it may more than one treatment. In fact, there is a little bit of a treatment journey with microsclerotherapy. It typically requires around 6 to 8 weeks for your optimum results to develop and you may need a second or third treatment to acquire these. Beginning your treatment in the colder months means that your treatment journey is more likely to be completed by the time the temperatures begin to warm again. Your best results will develop over this time, revealing a more confident you in time for summer. We don’t often think about the changes we’d like to make for summer until summer is actually knocking on our door. This is why planning ahead is so effective, because if you start your treatment in summer when you are reminded of your discomfort with your threads, you might not see the results in time to really enjoy them that season.


Why choose L’Atelier Aesthetics for microsclerotherapy?

At our vein clinic on Harley Street, we provide some of the highest quality of patient care.
Dr Duncan Brennand is our very own interventional radiologist and a specialist in vein disease and treatment. In his qualified hands, our thread vein treatments in London are safe and effective. Through confidential consultation and clinical assessment, he will ensure you receive the best client care possible.


Enquire online or speak to a friendly member of staff on 0207 637 3208 to treat your thread veins and feel liberated for next summer.