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Reasons To Dissolve Your Lip Fillers:

A close up of a woman's lips

We’re big fans of lip fillers here at our Harley Street skin clinic – we love how quick, easy and instantly transformative they can be. However, we know there are situations where things haven’t gone as expected and people are left unhappy or disappointed with their results. There are even cases where people decide the procedure just isn’t right for them! In these cases, we may be able ton offer treatment for dissolving lip fillers.

We’ve helped boost the appearance – and confidence – of countless clients, but we’ve also helped those who have had a bad experience elsewhere, who look to us for corrective treatment.

In this post, we’ll talk through some of the reasons why you may look into dissolving lip fillers.

1) Lumps and bumps

Sometimes, lumps and bumps can occur in the lips.

– If this happens immediately after your treatment, it might be caused by swelling of the lips. Using a cold compress can help ease swelling and bruising and the lumps may disappear on their own.

– Poor technique can also result in lumps, particularly if the lip filler was administered too close to the surface of the lips.

– Finally, an allergic reaction, although extremely rare, could be to blame – though it’s important to rule this out, as it may affect suitability for dissolving your lip fillers. 

In cases where lumps and bumps are persistent and an allergy, or reaction such as swelling, is not the cause, you may be suitable for dissolving lip filler treatment.

2) Migrated filler

It’s possible that your lip filler could spread or ‘migrate’ into another part of the lip, giving a misshapen or asymmetrical appearance. Dissolving the lip filler may be an option, or alternatively, balancing the lips out with a tiny amount of lip filler may be recommended.

3) Too much filler

Subtle, natural results are always our preference – and it’s easier to add filler, than to dissolve it. However, it’s not uncommon for situations where too much lip filler has been injected, creating an overblown, puffy or ‘duck lip’ appearance. Thankfully, we can help create a slimmer, smaller lip again for a smile you’ll be proud of.

4) Asymmetrical appearance

Dissolving lip fillers can help create a more balanced appearance in situations where the filler looks uneven or asymmetrical. Again, this type of problem is usually due to the experience level of the practitioner.

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