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L’Atelier Aesthetics

London skin clinic treatments for problematic skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so when it is sensitive and going through a reactive period it can very easily and visibly show in your complexion. Even stress, alcohol, and smoking take a visible toll on your skin. If you’re experiencing a complex skin condition, there is nothing like a professional skin clinic treatment to revive problematic, congested, or sensitive skin.

Skin clinic treatments for… acne

Acne is a complex skin condition that can sap your confidence and leave scarring in its wake. Adult acne is especially embarrassing for some, because they feel like they should’ve come out of this period of their life by now. Adult acne is often caused by excessive oil production, because it’s the natural skin oils and cells that end up blocking your pores and follicles. Skin clinic treatments such as chemical peels help to bring oil production back under control by stripping the skin of its excess oil, exfoliating away the dead cells causing blockages, and causing the resultant blemishes to come to the surface. This continual purging of pores helps to regulate oil production and bring your blemishes back under control.

Skin clinic treatments for… hyperpigmentation

Stubborn hyperpigmentation can be very difficult to soften, especially if you enjoyed the sun a lot when you were younger. It is an inflammatory reaction to the sun’s UV rays, but the process isn’t entirely understood. Hyperpigmentation can prematurely age your skin, especially if it appears blotchy or in the form of sun spots. Professional skincare products are advised for treating hyperpigmentation, especially Vitamin C products and retinol, because it encourages a positive skin cell turnover. This helps to even out the skin tone while lightening the areas of pigmentation, and it also helps to promote healthier skin altogether as well as bettering your blemishes.

Skin clinic treatments for… ageing skin

Ageing skin is characterised by a loss of volume in key areas, the thinning skin making wrinkles appear more prominent and deeper. Sometimes, the skin is just tired and would benefit from vitamins and minerals being reintroduced to it. In this case, ageing skin can be improved with mesotherapy, a treatment that introduces vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid to the skin to improve the complexion and rejuvenate tired areas. If your ageing skin needs a little more structure adding to it rather than nutrients, then dermal fillers may be the better option for you.

Skin clinic treatments for… acne scarring

Acne scarring is an incredibly frustrating skin condition that many people feel weighed down by after they’ve defeated their blemishes. It occurs after a particularly aggressive bout of acne and causes the collagen in the area to become damaged beyond repair. The skin heals over its internal matrix, but the lack of collagen means there is no support for it, so it sinks into the little depression there. Treatments like microneedling are very effective when treating acne scarring, because they stimulate the fresh production of collagen on a much more controlled level, healing the skin from the inside-out.

Always trust a London skin clinic like L’Atelier Aesthetics with your treatments, because nobody knows your skin better than the trained professionals. Book your initial consultation today, where we will develop a personalised treatment jo