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Why does hyperhidrosis occur?

treating hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes those affected to sweat excessively for seemingly no apparent reason. Sweat glands become overactive either in certain areas or all over the body, with the most commonly complained of areas being the feet, hands, and under-arms. Depending on its severity, it can be a life-limiting and embarrassing condition.


Why does it occur?


Hyperhidrosis occurs both naturally and when stimulated. While there are many people who have simply had the condition for as long as they can remember, there are others who suffer it due to a domino effect from other health conditions or when anxious. It occurs as a side effect from conditions such as heart disease, the menopause, and strokes. Sometimes even anti-depressants and other medications can trigger the onset of hyperhidrosis. Other health conditions known to trigger it are cancer, adrenal gland disorders, hyperthyroidism, spinal cord injuries, lung disease, Parkinson’s disease, and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or HIV.


What are the symptoms?


The symptoms of hyperhidrosis are usually categorised as excessive sweating that has occurred for at least six months without an apparent reason or cause. It is classified as when sweating occurs on both sides of your body in roughly the same amount at least once a week. You may find yourself experiencing unwanted social side effects too when it interferes with daily activities, relationships, and your self-confidence. It usually begins to rear its head before the age of 25 years old and a family history of such heightens your chances of also having the condition.


Do I need to worry about my health?

Hyperhidrosis isn’t a dangerous condition in itself, but we understand that it can be embarrassing and difficult to talk about. However, it may be a symptom of other serious conditions, so we recommend seeking medical help if you experience:


  • Excessive sweating and weight loss
  • Excessive sweating that occurs with a fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, and a rapid heartbeat
  • Excessive sweating and feeling pressure or pain in the chest
  • Excessive sweating that mainly occurs during your sleep


When your symptoms are purely excessive sweating in localised areas, this is when L’Atelier Aesthetics can step in and provide effective treatment.


How can I treat hyperhidrosis?

When you’ve tried every deodorant, every shower gel, and every homeopathic remedy you can without long-lasting or noticeable results, you feel at a loss. We understand that hyperhidrosis in its severe form is lifestyle-limiting and embarrassing – it affects relationships, your confidence both in public and private, and holds you back from opportunities that you feel you just can’t face. We use Botox injections in the localised areas to partially block signals to the nerves that stimulate your overactive sweat glands. Much like Botox relaxes over-expressive muscles in the face, it also relaxes these problematic glands.


Do I need a doctor’s diagnosis?

When experiencing the side effects mentioned above, you should always seek medical advice. However, when experiencing just excessive sweating that is making you feel anxious and embarrassed, we can help. Some clients come to us because they sweat a lot in the heat or during exercise, which is also perfectly fine for us to treat. You’re more than welcome through our Harley Street doors if there seems to be no cause, too.


Feeling fresher and drier, especially during the summer months of warmer weather and potential holidays abroad, is a luxury that now all can afford. With results lasting for up to several months, a problem that seemed unable to be controlled can now be successfully managed. Using targeted Botox injections, our trained professionals will assist you in taking control of your excessive sweating. Have the best, most freeing summer of your life this year with hyperhidrosis treatment from L’Atelier Aesthetics, London.


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