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Your Spot Problems, Sorted

Oh no! Another breakout! And just when you wanted to rely on looking gorgeous for that date or special event…

Spotty skin can be annoying, uncomfortable and disruptive, especially when you deserve to look and feel gorgeous on a daily basis. Don’t worry – our skin clinic here in Harley Street can help. In this post, we’ll talk through top ways to sort your spots out – hopefully once and for all!

Spots are causing…

 – My skin to feel sore – skincare is your friend. We offer lots of product ranges here at our skin clinic, including ZO Skin Health, which helps promote healthy skin regardless of your skin condition. Obviously, there are some at-home products you can try, too – we recommend a mild soap or cleanser with slightly warm water for your skincare routine.

My skin to appear red – redness and inflammation often seems to go hand-in-hand with spots. But we offer a few acne treatments you’ll love for their skin-calming abilities. These include our pigmentation-balancing chemical peels and our soothing mesotherapy treatment.

My skin to feel greasy – spots are caused by excessive oil production, which traps dirt and bacteria in the pores of your skin. For oily skin, oil-based products should be avoided, but as acne treatment with medication may dry out the skin, your best bet is to pop in for a skin consultation so we can better advise you.

I want to disguise my spots with make-up!

Make-up can sometimes be the worst thing you can do for your spotty skin. That’s because some products can cause the pores to be blocked even more, leading you into a vicious cycle. If you do want to wear make-up, try something light and water-based that’s kind on skin. We also suggest that you never, ever, wear make-up to bed.

Washing my skin isn’t helping with my spots. Help!

That’s because frequent washing can be irritating for the skin. In fact, it could even make your symptoms worse. Once or twice a day is fine, with maybe an extra wash thrown into the mix if you’ve been exercising.

My skin is making me unhappy. What can I do?

If spots are affecting your wellbeing, acne treatment is often the best course of action, as your skin may not improve on its own. In a previous post, we covered some of the ways to help get on top of acne here at our skin clinic, including the chemical peels and mesotherapy treatments we mentioned earlier.

Who can I talk to about my acne?

We’re always here for you! While many of our treatments are aesthetic-based, we also deeply care about the medical aspect too, and know how transformative and life-changing some procedures can be.

The first step on your acne treatment journey at our Harley Street skin clinic is a consultation. We can get to know your skin, put together a treatment plan and get you started on healthier, happier skin. Get in touch with us today and we’ll book you in when it’s convenient to you.


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