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Will Microsclerotherapy Hurt?

If you find yourself bothered by thread veins, you’re not alone. This incredibly common condition affects people all across the UK – but here in Harley Street, we’ve got the answer. Our microsclerotherapy treatment (also called thread vein removal) helps to get rid of thread veins and spider veins once and for all, leaving skin clear of these unsightly red and blue clusters, and looking more youthful, too.


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Microsclerotherapy explained


Thread vein removal is a way to close up the affected veins, which leads them to fade completely. A special salt water solution is injected into the targeted area, which cuts off the blood supply so the vein shrinks away.


Procedure and effectiveness


By using fine needles, we can precisely target the affected veins. This causes them to swell and stop blood flow. Microsclerotherapy is carried out by our Interventional Radiologist, Dr Brennand, who specialises in venous diseases. Dr Brennand can also help with associated concerns, like varicose veins (these are unsightly veins which appear knotted or lumpy).

Results longevity


For best results, we recommend a course of treatments here at our Harley Street aesthetics clinic. You may also need to wait a few weeks for the results to fully develop. The treatment for microsclerotherapy can be carried out in under 1 hour, with most appointments lasting 30-45 minutes.


Pain and discomfort


Any injection can cause slight discomfort, however, our fine needles can reduce the risk of bruising, bleeding and other complications. Having said that, some side effects, like tenderness, may be experienced after treatment, even though microsclerotherapy isn’t considered painful itself. Gentle walking and pain relief can take care of any discomfort after treatment, but be cautious about heavy exercise and long flights in the first few days.



For full transparency, some people can develop bruising or ulcers at the treatment site after thread vein removal. This is, however, quite rare and if these signs do develop, they usually clear up on their own in their own time.


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Other treatments


From microsclerotherapy to dermal fillers, we offer a range of skin treatments at our Harley Street clinic, both medical and aesthetic. If you’d like to know more, take a look at our website or speak to our team.


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Our Harley Street team would love to help create your best-ever skin with thread vein removal treatment. Get in touch to see how we could help with our highly effective microsclerotherapy treatment, available now.

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