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What is Microsclerotherapy And What Are The Benefits?

As summer approaches, we start to eat more healthily, have a more regimented exercise regime and prep our skin for that golden tan we all love. However, when suffering with telangiectasia – or spider veins, it can make us feel self-conscious about getting our legs out on the beach. But don’t feel that you have to hide in the shade. At L’atelier Aesthetics, we offer Microsclerotherapy to combat thread veins. But why?

Thread and spider veins can affect up to 50% of the grown population. These tiny clusters of red and sometimes blue veins group together under skin on the legs. Although it is mainly a cosmetic issue, it can lead to irritation, and pain. The issue can be made worse by factors such as ageing, changes in hormones, excessive alcohol intake and smoking.

Microsclerotherapy is a medically proven treatment that works effectively in tackling thread veins (it can also be used on the body as long as the veins are below the heart). Thread veins are injected using an extremely fine needle, which causes the vein walls to swell and turn inwards, ceasing blood flow in the vessel. This results in the thread veins disappearance.

At L’atelier Aesthetics, we are passionate about providing an outstanding service led by aesthetic experts, and our Microsclerotherapy treatment is no exception. As an Interventional Radiologist, Dr Brennand is a specialist in venous (vein) disease. He’ll carry out a clinical venous assessment to make sure that there are no underlying varicose veins before talking through the best treatment method, so you can guarantee the safety and security of your procedure.

The main benefit of Microsclerotherapy is the gradual deduction of thread and spider veins. Over time, your red vein clusters should fade, and with commitment to treatments can disappear. Here’s an example of a typical client experience:

“I don’t have to cover my legs all the time since having Microsclerotherapy. I’m so delighted with the results. The thread veins on my legs were really unsightly and now they’ve disappeared. I’d highly recommend this treatment.”

Rachel, Islington

If you’re having issues with telangiectasia or thread veins, why not get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team? L’atelier Aesthetics are a fantastic choice for past and prospective clients that are seeking looking a natural finish, and a safe, effective treatment provided by knowledgeable specialists.

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