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What Does An IV Drip Do?

When it comes to beauty, we don’t believe it’s just a matter of what’s on the outside that counts. How you care for your skin inside can also help – and it all starts with taking the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. We’re about to show you how.

Of course, eating well (think plenty of fruits and vegetables) is a great starting point for your skin. But, sometimes we don’t have time to cook a nutritious meal, or we swap something healthy for something a little more convenient. This can leave skin feeling dull and dehydrated, and can also affect your body in other ways, too.

Introducing the IV drip

An IV drip might not sound like an attractive prospect – it definitely conjures images of hospital beds! – but it’s actually a great way to unlock your perfect skin, while having some surprising benefits for your body, too. Our iv drips deliver the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients – alongside live-giving water – to keep you in better health, and your skin in better condition.

Reasons to try an IV drip

As well as beauty benefits, and IV drip can also help to boost immunity, combat tiredness and low energy, and take on problem skin. Our IV drips are tailored exactly to your needs, to give you the exact boost you need.

Your IV drip treatment

IV Drip treatment couldn’t be easier. Simply book a consultation, we’ll assess your skin and concerns, and we’ll then devise the perfect IV drip solution for your body and skin. IV drips don’t hurt, though you may feel some slight discomfort when the cannula is placed in your skin. In many cases, there aren’t any side-effects after treatment, but we can of course talk to you about this in more detail at your consultation.

Advantages of an IV drip

You might be interested to know that many IV drip treatments are scientifically proven to make a difference. And, if you have regular sessions with us here at our Harley Street clinic, you can prolong the benefits for even longer. IV drips are also a safe and regulated treatment.

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