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What Celebs Don’t Tell You About Microneedling

Microneedling has been on the scene for years, steadily gaining popularity, and it’s many celebs’ best-kept skin secret. Famous faces such as Kim K and Brad Pitt have been known to have the treatment in the past, with Brad turning 57 in a matter of weeks and Kim celebrating the big 4-0 this autumn. But many people haven’t heard of microneedlingtreatment, or don’t know much about it – and many celebs will deny having had the procedure in an industry that expects its stars to be youthful naturally. So, here’s what celebs don’t and won’t tell you about it, and what we can share as a Harley Street aesthetics clinic…

1) It’s super effective

There’s a reason A-listers keep going back for more. Microneedling can help with a range of skin concerns, including scarring from wounds and acne, ageing skin, and even problems such as sun spots. The results speak for themselves – firmer, brighter, more beautiful skin that you’ll love to show off. Don’t be fooled by off-the-shelf versions of the treatment, which aren’t anywhere near as effective as that offered in our aesthetics clinic.

2) It’s low-risk

Wherever there’s an aesthetics procedure that can give you better skin without the need to go under the knife, we’re all for it. Microneedling is essentially a beauty treatment – no surgery required! As such, it’s minimally invasive, with much fewer risks than associated with surgery. In addition, there’s zero downtime and, aside from some redness or irritation, little in the way of side-effects, though you’ll need sun protection to keep your skin safe. Note that any serious side-effects, such as bruising or bleeding, are extremely rare.

3) It’s straightforward

Microneedling treatment at our aesthetics clinic is easy – a special device finely pricks the skin to prompt collagen production and encourage tissue growth, which can result in a smoother and more even-toned appearance. It’s ideal for targeting scars, wrinkles and large pores, and while it’s mainly offered on the face, it can be used in other areas of the body, too – for instance, stretch marks.

4) It’s great value

While you may need a number of microneedling sessions to achieve your desired results, it’s still a cheaper alternative than surgery. We also offer membership plans that could help you cover the costs over time. Think of it as your monthly facial, but better!

5) It’s versatile

At our aesthetics clinic, we know how looking good can help you feel good, too – and you can’t put a price on confidence. Time and time again, we’ve seen incredible results from microneedling (particularly with scarring) and because it’s so flexible, it can be used for a range of skin concerns. 

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