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Could we banish tired eyes with this treatment?

The dreaded tired eyes come for us all. Whether we’ve had a late night, a busy few days, or are having a fitful night’s sleep, dark circles and hollows develop temporarily to exacerbate our fatigue. However, these kinds of tired eyes are often temporary, resulting from a lack of sleep and not because of our skin. Eye bags, or tear troughs, can develop through genetic predisposition and thinning, ageing skin. They prematurely us and make us appear tired and unapproachable, but we have a treatment that could banish your tired eyes and make you seem far brighter and more awake!

Why do eye bags occur?

Eye bags occur in the tear trough naturally when we are tired, through allergies, or have been lying flat. They’re caused by the fatty tissues surrounding our eyes filling with water, making the area appear puffy. However, the dark circles and thinning skin that create the hollows of tired eyes have much more to do with your skin and less to do with outside stimuli. The skin in your tear troughs is far thinner than anywhere else on your body, causing it to rest slightly on the bones beneath. This very thin skin also sits astride purple facial muscles and blood vessels causing the skin to appear darker in appearance. If concealers, eye creams, and even cucumber slices aren’t working, it might be time for you try our tired eyes treatment…

How do you treat tired eyes?

If you have stubborn eye bags that have nothing to do with how awake you feel and everything to do with your facial anatomy, you’ll want to know about this treatment. Our tired eyes treatment uses targeted injections of dermal filler in the tear trough to brighten and widen your eyes. Fillers for tired eyes are placed to sit directly under your skin, plumping the thinning areas to help create less of an impression or hollow. This will improve the sunken appearance but also the darkness in colour, because we are adding a substance that closely resembles hyaluronic acid between the surface of the skin and the muscle. Putting something between these two barriers will inevitably lessen the dark appearance of the troughs, helping your eyes appear brighter and more open.

Treat your tired eyes

Some form of your results will be visible immediately, but you may encounter some swelling over the following 48 hours. After this, you should see the swelling recede and an improvement in your tired eyes. These results could last up to a year depending on the speed of which your body metabolises the filler (it naturally breaks this down). It could even last longer! Everyone’s body is different, but we’ve previously achieved wonderful results for our clients with tear trough rejuvenation.

What else could help with my tired eyes?

Your eyes may appear tired because of the thinning skin and over-active muscles surrounding them on the sides, not just the tear troughs. For example, overactive cheek muscles that contract as we smile push the skin around our eyes to form crow’s feet. These wrinkles occur through a combination of thinning skin and these muscles, and they prematurely age us. Using a little medical toxin in the form of wrinkle reduction injections, we can stop these muscles from creasing the skin as aggressively, helping our eyes appear wider and younger when we smile. A drooping brow often creates the effect of tired-looking eyes as it falls downwards in a soft and sagging arch. Small injections of the same wrinkle reduction treatment beneath the arch can lift the brow back into its naturally higher position, opening the eyes up and stopping them appearing as droopy and dazed.

Tired eyes are a phenomenon we all encounter – when we wake up. If your eyes persist in appearing tired during your day-to-day life while you feel spry and awake, under-eye filler might be the perfect treatment option for you. Find out more and enquire online or call 0207 637 3208 to book your tear trough filler consultation today!

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