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The Easy Acne Treatment You’ve Overlooked

The lowdown on acne

Acne: it’s not a dirty word! In fact, acne happens to most adults at some point in their lifetime, and though most people think of it as being a condition that purely affects the face, it can also appear on the chest, back and other areas of the body.

One of the things that’s most frustrating about acne is it seems to pop up when you least expect it – and if you have oily skin, you’re more susceptible to the condition, as it’s caused by oil trapping bacteria and dirt in the pores.

Here at L’Atelier, your Harley Street skin clinic, we’re not just a pretty face. While we can transform your complexion through no end of aesthetics treatments, we can also take on skin conditions – so here, we’ll cover our star acne treatment.

How we can help

We offer several acne treatments for this skin condition.

1. Chemical peels

How good would it be to strip out your old skin and welcome in the new? Well, you can do exactly that with our chemical peel treatment. We use AlumierMD peels, recognised as being the best in the business, and can improve skin’s tone and texture, exfoliate away old cells, and stimulate the cell renewal process. We even offer a special TCA peel, which is more medium-depth and is especially effective on acne-scarred skin.

2.  Mesotherapy

Here’s the one you’ve probably never heard of – it’s still regarded by many as being a fairly new treatment. Could you have been overlooking it all along? Mesotherapy works by delivering a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hyaluronic acid to skin through a power injector. Treatment usually requires just a handful of sessions to get your skin back on track.

3. Microneedling

Acne often leads to acne scarring. The condition prompts excessive collagen production which heals the skin ineffectively, leaving marks and indents. Microneedling is a regenerative acne treatment as it targets these areas and aids skin healing. The result? Glowier skin with a softer and refined appearance.

How you can help

If you have active acne, there’s a few golden rules to follow to ensure your skin stays protected.

1) Never pick the spots – this can lead to scarring, inflammation and infection (not to mention it can be painful!).
2) Don’t over-cleanse the skin – this can be just as damaging. Acne isn’t caused by ‘dirty’ skin, it’s caused by the glands producing too much oil (and is usually triggered by hormones).
3) Use gentle skincare – this is definitely something we can advise you on here at our Harley Street skin clinic.
4) Ask us about moisturisers – if you’re on medication as part of your acne treatment, your skin may be drying out. We can recommend products that will rebalance your skin..

How to book

We want to help our clients look and feel better than they ever thought possible. Get in touch with our skin clinic here in Harley Street today and discover our range of acne treatments and skincare that can help transform you, inside and out.

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