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Solutions for Problem Skin

Our skin is our hero ­– guarding against bacteria and viruses, as well as nasties like pollutants and allergens, and of course offering some protection against the sun (through melanin). In our lifetime, our skin takes on a lot – and most people experience skin problems at some point.  From spots to redness and inflammation, 

our Mayfair skin clinic can target various skin concerns through our effective chemical peels. In this post, we’ll talk through the conditions we can help with and what you can expect. 


Unfortunately, acne can occur at any point in your life, and isn’t just relegated to those troublesome teen years. In most cases, acne affects the face, but it can also occur on the back, chest and other areas. It’s linked to hormonal changes, which can cause oil-producing glands to go into overdrive, which upsets the delicate balance of bacteria in the skin and leads to inflammation and blockages in the pores. 

We’ve hinted that our solution is chemical peels, but we actually offer several types of chemical peel. Here’s what we recommend specifically for acne (subject to a consultation):

Glow peel – this is ideal for targeting acne and can be applied as a surface or medium-depth peel.
Radiant 20/10 – a resurfacing treatment which refines pores and exfoliates, using salicylic acid, proven to reduce severity and number of spots.
TCA peel – this chemical peel uses trichloroacetic acid to clear dead skin cells and target scarring. 


Characterised by red and inflamed skin, as well as a burning or tingling feeling, roseacea is a skin condition caused by tiny broken blood vessels below the skin. It’s not known what makes this happen, but there are triggers that can worsen the condition, such as alcohol, changes in weather and temperature and exercise. 

Because roseacea is a type of pigmentation problem, our Glow and Radiant 20/10 peels are also effective at easing symptoms of the condition. We also offer another chemical peel, The Perfect Peel, which can also help brighten and clear skin through using the antioxidant glutathione. 


Another type of pigmentation you may experience is melasma. This condition goes by other names, including ‘pregnancy mask’ and ‘chloasma’. You may experience dark brown or grey patches on your face, and there’s evidence these are linked to sun exposure, as the condition is usually worse in the summer and from exposure to UV light. 

Chemical peels can help with pigmentation problems, and recommendations will be similar to those for roseacea.  

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Everyone should feel happy and confident in their own skin. Our specialist chemical peels can help target a whole range of skin conditions, and we also offer alternatives such as microneedling and mesotherapy.

Get in touch with our Mayfair skin clinic and we’ll work with you to create skin results you’ll love. 

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