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Smooth-Faced Wonders We Love

Beautifully smooth skin is achievable – and in more ways than one. A L’Atelier skin clinic,, based in Mayfair, we specialise in a range of facial aesthetics treatments, plus selected complementary therapies , to give you gorgeous skin you’ll love. 

In this post, we’ll talk through some of the ageing signs your skin might be showing, and the recommended smooth-faced wonders we offer here at our  Mayfair skin clinic, which can help restore that youthful look. 

Loss of volume

One of the key signs of ageing is skin that’s lacking in volume and structure – in other words, a sagging appearance.  This can happen in lots of areas of the face, such as around the chin, cheekbones and even under the eyes.  We offer various facelifts to help firm and tighten skin, while our dermal fillers can hydrate and plump skin, while sculpting and contouring along the way. 

Lines & wrinkles

There are lots of options for helping reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles – though it depends on which areas of the face you’re looking to treat and whether they are fine lines, or deep ones.  Through Botox, dermal fillers, or a combination of treatments, we can help create that gorgeous soft and youthful appearance, smoothing away everything from frown lines to smile lines.

Another great option for our clients is our chemical peels. Ranging from superficial (surface) peels to deeply penetrating peels, these range from our medium TCA chemical peel and our Radiant peels, which target fine wrinkles, to The Perfect Peel, which prevents early onset of lines and wrinkles through tackling oxidant damage. 

which tackles oxidant damage 


Our lip injections – a type of dermal filler – can help give lips that subtle boost, while still giving a natural result that doesn’t make it obvious you’ve had a treatment. Lines can develop around the lips, and can be worsened through lifestyle factors such as smoking.  Lip injections not only enhance the appearance of the lips themselves, but can also ‘fill’ the lines around the mouth that can betray your age.

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