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Putting IV Drip Myths To Bed

Here at L’Atelier, we’re proud to push the latest advancements in aesthetics – be it a new treatment or new technology. One we swear by is IV drip therapy. Though the treatment has been around for centuries in a medical capacity, its use as an aesthetics treatment is still fairly modern, and doctors continue to innovate around it, experimenting with different combinations of minerals and substances to help enhance health, wellness and beauty. In this post, the experts here at our Harley Street aesthetics clinic detail a bit about IV drip therapy, and help dispel the myths and mystery that surround it. 

1. IV drips are bad for you

It’s ironic that for a treatment so centred in the medical, that many believe it’s bad for your health. IV drips are also known as ‘vitamin drips’ because they’re a great way to balance out what your body needs. For tailored treatments, a blood test is involved to check vitamin levels beforehand, so experts know exactly what’s needed. And, as the ingredients used are delivered direct to your bloodstream, you don’t lose any of the goodness (studies suggest that oral tablets can lose 85% of their active vitamins by the time they are absorbed). 

2. IV drips are painful

It might sound painful – most people picture a hospital when they hear ‘IV drip therapy’ – but it’s actually something we carry out right here in our Harley Street aesthetics clinic. Of course, you’ll be in the care of an expert throughout your treatment, so you know you’ll be well looked-after. Aside from the typical ‘sharp scratch’ associated with a doctor’s injection, you shouldn’t experience anything in the way of pain. 

3. IV drips don’t work

Of course IV drips work – that’s why they’ve been around so long! But like any kind of supplement-based treatment, you need to keep up with it to experience lasting effects (compare having regular vitamin drips to taking a daily vitamin tablet). And, as with many things, diet and exercise can all play a part in how you look and feel, and eating well and exercising often alongside your treatment could help boost your results. 

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