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Meet The Full Body Makeover

Face, meet body. When it comes to beauty, we definitely prioritise our faces over our bodies – especially when we’ve just come through a cold, dark winter. But now that sunnier times are definitely on the cards and summer’s just round the corner, there’s no better time to start turning your attention to the rest of you – that gorgeous body. Here are our recommendations for that full body makeover that you won’t be able to wait to show off.

Top up your vitamins with an IV drip

Beauty and wellbeing definitely starts from within – in other words, what you’re putting into your body makes all the difference. IV drips are a great way to keep on top of your vitamin, mineral and nutrient intake and support your health efforts, especially some of those that are harder to come by in duller weather, like ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D. Is it any wonder they also go by the name ‘vitamin drip’?

At L’Atelier Aesthetics clinic, our IV drips are tailored to you and your body needs, so we can be sure we’re boosting what you need and not overloading you with the things you don’t – and we can target concerns as varied as ageing, immunity and even performance. On top of that, we’re definitely seeing an upward trend in the uptake of our vitamin drips – don’t be the one who gets left behind!

Set clear weight goals

We always say weight loss goals are a two-pronged approach – where exercise and diet both come into play. Exercise is a key part of feeling good, not least because it boosts endorphins in the brain and gets you feeling motivated and energised. Following a regular program can make all the difference – and with our professional trainer behind you, they’ll know exactly what you’re good at, what you need to work on, and the right ways to push you forward.

Of course, eating well is also important – and our nutritionist can help get you back on track. We call it ‘eating for a more youthful you’, as we can help devise a healthy eating plan that targets signs of ageing.

Treat problem skin

Whether it’s varicose veins or thread veins, leave no skin left behind. These treatments work on those troublesome, visible veins that can feel sore and lumpy, and look unsightly, and the best news? There’s no surgery involved, and minimal downtime and side-effects experienced.

Get ready to reboot

Whatever the treatment, we can help here at our aesthetics clinic in Mayfair. Get in touch with our talented and committed team today and see how we could help you with your transformational, body makeover goals.

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