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Makeover Your Smile With Lip Fillers

There’s lots to love about your lips. Not only do they look luscious and gorgeous, but they bring out the best in your smile. So when it comes to giving yourself a smile makeover, it makes sense to start by perfecting your pout.

So many celebrities love their lips – from the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan, to Love Island superstars like Maura and Megan. But here at our Harley Street skin clinic, we aim to give you the perfect lips for your unique face, giving you a boost while ensuring your results work in harmony with your natural symmetry. 

In this post, our skin clinic experts here in Harley Street share different techniques for lip fillers, highlighting all the ways we can sculpt your pout to absolute perfection. We only use hyaluronic acid in our lip injections, so you can be sure the product is completely safe for your smile and will help give it the volume, shape and structure you’re looking for.

1) Pump up the pout

The main request from our clients is to create more volume, creating bigger, bolder and more beautiful lips through the use of our hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers. This approach is ideal for those who have thin lips, whether due to age or genetics.

2) Add definition

There are two ways to use lip injections to help define your lips. The first is through lifting the cupid’s bow, which helps shape and highlight the mouth. The second is through defining the lip line. In either case, a more rounded, youthful look can be achieved.

3) Lift the smile

Through careful technique, it’s possible to give the smile a ‘lift’, while also reducing deep lines at the corners of the mouth, or those running from the nose to the mouth.

Still deciding?

If you’ve come this far but are still unsure whether lip filler treatment is right for you, then read our top five reasons why we recommend our hyaluronic acid lip injections.

1) Easy adjustments

If you find your lips aren’t as big and beautiful as you wanted, we can gradually add more product in another session (or sessions). If, however, the opposite is true and another clinic has left you with a result you’re unhappy with, we can dissolve your lip fillers to help reduce volume, or a bumpy or uneven appearance.

2) Long-lasting results

As with all of our facial aesthetics treatments, the effects are non-permanent, but long-lasting. Incredibly, you could enjoy your lip injection results for up to 18 months.

3) Few side-effects

It’s unlikely you’ll experience any side-effects with lip fillers, beyond some slight swelling or redness, and it’s not common for bruising to occur, either. It’s also worth remembering that the component itself – hyaluronic acid – is found naturally in your body, so it’s very rare that you’d suffer from an allergic reaction too.

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