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Lip fillers and lip lines: how to refresh ageing lips

Expressive lines are commonly associated with the use of muscles in our face and are typically treated by wrinkle reduction injections, but our lips can be just as expressive as a frown. We curve them into a smile, purse them in distaste, and pout when we’re feeling a little dramatic or flirty. With so much being said by our lips, literally with the words they shape and figuratively with the expressions they convey, it comes as no surprise they can also betray the signs of ageing skin. Here’s how to rejuvenate ageing lips and lip lines with lip fillers.

Thinning lips

As your collagen production slows down and eventually stops, your skin will start to appear thinner and a little more papery. This is because it is losing its thickness and volume, causing the tissue to fold in on itself at its thinnest. This can happen in your lips as well as other areas of your face, which can alter your facial symmetry and ultimately age your lips. Different dermal fillers have different properties which give different results, as does the placement of lip filler within your tissue. Ask us about lip fillers and tell us about your desired results, and we’ll be able to help you with natural-looking or more glamorous rejuvenation.

Lip lines

Lip lines occur because of the thinning skin above the still active muscles. These lines can become apparent even when stationary because of the thin skin sitting atop the muscles, creasing out of habit. They tend to border the upper lip and make your lip area in general appear prematurely aged, even if you haven’t experienced that much volume loss in the area yet. Sometimes, a treatment with wrinkle reduction injections will be advised, but even treatments with lip fillers could help this area. This depends on how your lines are forming – whether through active habit, or simply through how your tissue sits. We could smooth these lines with lip fillers in Mayfair to help fill the thin tissue, improving the appearance of aged lips.

Prevent ageing lips through…

  • Hydration: Keeping your lips hydrated is a great way to keep them plump, plush, and health-looking. The skin produces less oil as we age, and this, coupled with the fact that the lips have no protective epidermal layer, means that they’re a prime area for moisture loss. Hydrated lips even look more plump than dehydrated lips, despite no volume really being added.
  • Protection: The sun’s rays, specifically UV light, accelerates the breakdown of collagen in your skin through a process known as photoaging. This then speeds up the signs of the visible ageing process, thinning the skin and prompting a decline in its quality. Keeping them protected with a balm, especially a high SPF balm, will benefit your lips’ youthful appearance in the long-run.

There are plenty of lip serums and masks that claim to deliver results good enough to rival those of lip fillers, but this isn’t necessarily true. In terms of delivering topical hydration that make your lips’ complexion look and feel nice, no true volume is added to the area to rejuvenate the appearance of thinning and ageing skin. These moisturising properties often can’t penetrate the surface of the skin far enough to make a lasting difference, whereas lip fillers are delivered directly into your tissue to exact instant and longer lasting change.

Always moisturise, exfoliate, and protect your lips with dedicated products, but to help restructure thinning lips then consider lip fillers in Mayfair with L’Atelier Aesthetics. Enquire online or get in touch on 0207 637 3208 today.

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