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How Lip Fillers Change Your Face

Located handily near London’s Mayfair, our aesthetic clinic offers a range of treatments that make you look and feel years younger, while enhancing your natural beauty. Lip fillers are definitely one of our favourites, with fast-acting and long-lasting results that can be tweaked, and even reversed, if desired.

Lip fillers are known for boosting your pout, but what else can they achieve? Well, in this post, our experts share ways that lip injections can change your face for the better.

A whole new smile

There’s no denying your lips are central to your smile. So, with careful lip injections, you can draw more attention to your pearly whites, and highlight a smile that’s bright and straight. That’s why so many of our clients visit us after a trip to the dentist’s – because if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

No more wrinkles!

As we age, the skin becomes naturally thinner. Lip injections help combat the associated loss of volume and flexibility in the skin, which can not only prevent future wrinkles from forming in the area, but can also reduce any already present.

A lesson in perfect symmetry

It’s common for lips to be asymmetrical, uneven, or to thin with age. Lip injections can help address the balance, whether a case of shaping the top or bottom, or targeting the left or right side. In addition, by plumping the pout, facial symmetry overall can be enhanced. For instance, a larger nose of strong jawline.

And a few other reasons to try lip fillers…

Lip fillers aren’t a scary, unsafe unknown – they’re commonplace and loved by everyone from celebrities to your next door neighbour! While we’ve all undoubtedly heard horror stories of lip jobs gone wrong (infections, bursting or general botched efforts), the risks really are minimal – especially at an expert aesthetic clinic such as ours.

In addition, our experts can help with dissolving lip fillers, correcting their appearance when things have gone elsewhere. With Harley Street credentials and a central London location, you can trust us to put your pout right and boost your confidence along the way.

Book your lip fillers today

To find out more about our lip injections, secure a consultation at our aesthetic clinic near Mayfair. Find all the details you need here, and we’ll see you in the New Year!


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