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Why you shouldn’t choose high-street skincare

Let’s compare high-street and professional skincare.

Your skin cells shed and renew themselves every 28 days, bringing forth a fresh wave of skin rejuvenation. What’s important to note here though, is that you’re shedding the very surface layer of skin for the one beneath it that been developing for the same time, ready and waiting to take its place. This means that when choosing your skincare, you should be paying attention as to how deeply it works or whether it just sits on top, because otherwise these benefits are lost. When considering skincare, we often think of bottles and cleansers, though some people think purely of cold water and makeup wipes. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it forms the first physical barrier against our lifestyle, environment, and even the weather. Without a proper routine, it’s difficult to maintain healthy looking and feeling skin. We’re going to explore the differences between professional skincare and high-street skincare, and how they may or may not be promoting your skin’s health at the deepest level it needs.


What comes to mind when we say ‘skincare’?

One of the main problems with high-street skincare is that the products are usually a ‘blanket’ or generalised option. For example, most public skincare ranges have a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser, but they’re described as just being for ‘skin’. These products may provide some benefit like makeup removal or very light exfoliation, but if you’re skin requires more specialist attention or is suffering a complex skin condition, then these won’t bring you much relief. Professional skincare, such as the cosmeceutical ranges we offer in our boutique, is medically and dermatologically formulated to provide relief for all manner of complex skin conditions. Specialist ranges for different skin types, needs, and complexities are available through providers such as AlumierMD and ZO Skin Health, so you can target the condition that is unique to you. We would recommend different skincare options for those with pigmentation issues than those with dehydrated or dry skin, so why opt for a general ‘cleanses the skin’ high-street option? With professional skincare, you don’t just receive a generic skin product, but you receive professional advice and care too. We tailor a treatment plan of products tailored specifically to your skin concern, making their treatment far better than the ‘blanket’ products of the high-street.


How different ingredients provide different results

High-street skincare products, because of their ‘blanket’ nature, mean they also continue fairly generic ingredients and components. They’re far weaker and more diluted than their professional counterparts because of their generalised capabilities and public availability. This means they’re suitable for public sale without the need for prescription, consultation, or evaluation first. These weaker components mean you’re not going to see the results you deserve, or for as long either. When opting for professional products, you’re receiving a regulated product that is only available through individual consultation because of their stronger components. They contain ingredients that promote deeper skin changes with these regulated ingredients, often containing strengths and beneficial acids that are unsafe in untrained hands. They’re developed by professionals exclusively for the distribution of professionals, so you know you’re receiving the best possible treatments out there.


Short term vs. long term results

Remember how we said your skin shed and changes after 28 days? High-street skincare, because of their weaker ingredients, can’t penetrate deep into the skin to change its processes or remodel it. They act on a purely superficial level, only addressing the very surface of the skin. This surface sheds and is renewed every 28 days, so without a skincare routine that reaches deep within the dermis to promote long-term change in how your skin functions and is built, you’re not going to see long-lasting results. Certainly not after 28 days, either. Professional solutions are able to penetrate deeper into the skin, remodelling the lower layers to refresh and rebalance from the inside-out. This ensures long-term results and restores health, not just cosmetic appearance, to the skin.


Professional skincare is far preferable to high-street skincare because it’s capable of so much more on a far larger scale. Your skin deserves some TLC, so give it the right TLC with tailored skincare packages and products. It will thank you in its glow, vibrancy, and maintained health! L’Atelier in Marylebone, London are happy to provide bespoke skin consultations and treatments, so why not enquire online today? Or, you could call us on 0207 637 3208.

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