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Are Chemical Peels Suitable If I Have Acne?

Acne spots and scarring can be absolutely debilitating – and nobody knows that better than us, the experts in all things skin. When it comes to finding the right targeted treatment for the best results, we can help, offering a range of cosmetic and medical procedures that can improve how your skin looks and feels, as well as boosting your confidence. Today, our Marylebone experts will talk through two of these – chemical peels and medical facials – so you can make a more informed decision about your treatment.


Chemical peels


We often think about chemical peels as targeting lines and wrinkles, but they can also be effective for resurfacing the skin and addressing concerns like acne and pigmentation. Our TCA chemical peels are ideal for acne scarring, working to improve the tone and texture of the skin and revealing the youthful skin below. It’s not a painful experience to have a facial peel – most people say it feels like tingling. You’ll likely see immediate results, with greater benefits from repeating your facial peel treatment. We’ll work with you to create a treatment plan and advise on when you might need these peels.

The Chemical Peel Process

Medical facials


For active acne, depending on its severity, we might recommend a medical facial, which can target concerns like blemishes, spots and oil. Of these, we may suggest:


  • Our AlumierMD clay mask, refines and purifies the skin
  • Our AlumierMD detox-purifying facial, addresses inflammation as it cleanses
  • Our medical facials can be tailored to you through the specific serums we use, as well as other elements like peels or exfoliation treatments. You’ll likely see a brighter glow immediately following your medical facial, with top-ups recommended once or twice a month, depending on your skin’s needs.

    Bespoke skincare

    All skin is different – it’s something that’s built into our very ethos here at our Marylebone aesthetics clinic. Alongside our chemical peels and medical facials, we can offer bespoke skincare that enhances your skin while addressing your concerns. Rather than rely on something over-the-counter or a product you don’t know will work, we’ll carry out an in-depth skin assessment to target your specific needs – so you won’t be wasting your precious time and money on something that won’t give you results. The process usually takes around 1 hour.

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    We’ve helped countless people in the Marylebone area enhance their skin and live their best skin life – and we’d love to do the same for you through advanced treatments like our facial peels and medical facials. To book a consultation at our Marylebone aesthetics clinic, simply get in touch today.

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