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How to handle ageing hands

Though we pay a lot of attention to the skin on our face, the signs of ageing and damage can also show on other body parts. Skincare routines and treatments for our skin can be maintained as long as we like, but the skin on our hands isn’t as readily protected. When you think about it, our hands probably go through the same amount of stress and meet the same kinds of environment our facial skin does. Sure, our skin encounters the weather, pollution, and is our first barrier against the world. But our hands also encounter these stimuli, yet so much more. We’re constantly interacting with different substances, chemicals, and surfaces whilst also exposing our hands to the weather and environment. A hard day of physical work and even a work-out can show in the skin on our hands, so what can we do to rejuvenate ageing hands?


How to prevent the signs of ageing hands

Before we introduce you to treatments perfect for those already experiencing noticeable signs of ageing skin, let’s talk about how to prevent them in the first place.


Our skin is so receptive to whatever is around us, especially the sun. Sun damage occurs on frequently exposed areas like the face, chest, and even the hands. Photoaging, the signs of ageing stimulated by UV exposure, occurs when ultraviolet rays in sunlight damages elastin fibres within our skin. These fibres are essential to skin laxity and firmness, so when they’re broken down our skin begins to loosen and sag. Sun damage also triggers hyperpigmentation and age spots. These dark (or light) patches are created when our cells rush to regenerate after being damaged, not necessarily matching our skin tone.


Preventing the signs of ageing in your hands can be as simple as wearing sun protection and using hand cream. By keeping them protected and hydrated, you protect the layers of skin most vulnerable to the outside world. Your skin will repay you by being soft, supple, and even-toned.



How to treat ageing hands


We treat ageing hands attentively and carefully. The two main concerns we often find clients have is that their veins and bones are more visible, and they are experiencing age spots. We can treat these in two different ways: by replacing lost volume and by evening the hyperpigmentation.


Dermal fillers are a highly effective way of restoring lost volume in the skin. Because they closely mimic a naturally occurring sugar in the body, hyaluronic acid, your treatment will be simple and natural-looking. However, we also use a superior dermal filler perfect for hand rejuvenation called Ellanse. The reason we use Ellanse is because it acts as a biostimulator, and by this we mean it is specifically designed to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. It encourages natural improvement in the quality of your skin over time, so your results will develop subtly yet effectively.


Hyperpigmentation and age spots are treated using mesotherapy to encourage gentle skin remodelling. Mesotherapy injects a cocktail of active ingredients directly into the treatment area to heal and rejuvenate the skin from within. This lessens the appearance of age spots and also encourages improved skin quality and health.


Ageing hands can prematurely age us, but there are ways to prevent and treat these concerns. Book your initial consultation with L’Atelier in Marylebone by enquiring online or call 0207 637 3208 today.

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