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The Advantages of a Thread Lift over a Surgical Face Lift

You’ve probably seen the pictures of a surgical facelift in recovery. Think bandages and plenty of down time, bruising that lasts for weeks and a painful few days of swelling before your new lifted skin can be revealed to you. It’s this process that puts people off having it, even though they’d love to reverse time with long-lasting effects. The discomfort and alienation suffered by the patients, before they even get to see their new face, makes them think twice.

Here at L’Atelier in Marylebone, we can provide the same lift results with nothing like the amount of hassle. Thread lifts involve no downtime, no scarring and provide an effective, natural-looking rejuvenated look. One of its most famous alleged recipients is Gwyneth Paltrow.

What does a thread lift from our Harley Street clinic involve?

During a thread lift procedure, threads are inserted under the skin of the lower face using a long, ultra fine needle. Attached to the thread are cones, which stick to the skin on the inside, pulling it upwards as the threads are tightened. You should experience an immediate difference in your face following treatment, but allow a couple of days for any swelling or bruising to go down.

As the weeks go by, you’ll notice that your new look will be get more rejuvenated still. This is because the process will trick the face into thinking it has sustained an injury and in this way, speed up your cell renewal rate and increase collagen productions; the two key ingredients for new skin tissue to be created.

How a Marylebone thread lift can change your life

We all get frustrated by our appearance as we get older. Who couldn’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for the beauty of youth that is now suffering from the effects of being subjected to gravity, reduced collagen levels and daily grime in the air, not to mention occasional bad diet choices!

Turning back the clock a few years may give you the confidence boost you need to go about your life with a wider smile and a spring in your step. You won’t get tired of friends telling you how ‘well’ and ‘rested’ you look! Please book yourself in for a consultation at our Marylebone clinic to find out more about the benefits of thread lifts.

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