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Advantages Of Microneedling

Microneedling is an incredible aesthetics treatment with some truly impressive results – and we’ve happily offered it here at our Harley Street skin clinic for years. In today’s post, we’ll touch on just why this treatment is so transformative and a few reasons you might consider it for your skin. As with all our procedures, we’ll also recommend a consultation ahead of your treatment, so we can get the best results for you – find more details on that below.

Microneeding in a nutshell

First off, we’ll just quickly explain what microneedling is. It’s essentially a simple process where the skin is gently pricked with an instrument containing lots of fine needles. These can be rolled or stamped over the skin to encourage tiny ‘micro injuries’ that trigger the skin’s healing response.

Applications for microneedling

Want to know how microneedling could help your skin? Here are a few things it’s often used to treat:

Scarring – whether caused by a wound, surgery or skin condition, like acne
Ageing – fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin; blemishes and imperfections
Stretch marks – tiny skin tears, usually related to weight changes or pregnancy
Sun damage – closely linked to ageing of the skin; can target dullness and dryness, too

Advantages of treatment

Microneedling can be used to enhance skin’s radiance; to tone and tighten it; to banish blemishes and wrinkles; and even ‘reverse’ signs of ageing, like sun spots. Results usually take around 6 weeks to develop, and only get better over time. It’s all to do with the skin’s natural renewal process, and the boost to collagen production, a key protein related to skin structure.

Even better results

While you’ll no doubt see some real benefits from just one session, a course of microneedling treatments can really help get the best out of your skin. Usually, well recommend around 3 treatments – each carefully carried out a few weeks apart – and our experts can tailor the programme to your exact skin needs and specifications. Microneedling could even be recommended as part of a wider skin treatment plan, alongside other facial aesthetic procedures.

Minimal risks and downtime

It’s good to know that there’s little in the way of serious risks and downtime – though many people do experience tiny, light scabbing of the treated skin and some redness and tenderness may be expected. All in all, though, microneedling can be a much safer alternative than going under the knife – with results that could be just as impressive!

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