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Your acne treatment guide for congested skin

Sometimes congested skin is a symptom of hormones, sometimes its diet or alcohol related, and sometimes it’s just plain genetics. Spots and acne are tremendously frustrating to treat, as they can reappear within a few days of seemingly settling down. It’s difficult to decide which acne treatment is best for you, which is why a good skin clinic offers more than one treatment suitable for congested, acne, and spot-prone skin.

Acne treatment guide

We offer the following treatments for acne-prone skin:

Chemical peels come in many different acid concentrations and strengths with different compounds in each to help target the various severities of acne and oil production. Oily and spot-prone skin may benefit from medium strength peels, whereas combination skin could benefit from lighter peels. What chemical peels do is that they help to revel the skin, stripping away the dead and damaged skin cells on top and opening pores so that they may release any blocked oil and debris. This helps the draw out blemishes and dry out excess oil, rebalancing the skin and bringing acne under control.

Medical facials are similar to chemical peels, but they target different concerns. Chemical peels are a more aggressive form of treatment used as a chemical exfoliation, whereas medical facials can be a lot softer. Medical facials work well on those prone to blemishes rather than more complex and prominent acne. We offer different combinations of ingredients for different treatments, such as the AlumierMD clay mask for refining and purifying blocked pores.

Mesotherapy treats acne through physical and chemical stimulation. The active ingredients within the cocktail we inject into your skin helps with fortifying and cleansing from the inside-out. These may help to create antioxidants or regulate oil production, depending on what we introduce to your skin, as well as generally improving the deeper layers of your skin.

Is acne caused by dirty skin?

This is an interesting question that allows for two answers: yes and no. Spots and blemishes may form because of topical products like makeup being left on the skin overnight or you haven’t cleansed your skin of oils and debris after a long day, but actual acne has nothing to do with how ‘clean’ the skin is. In fact, you’ll often find that it’s acne sufferers who have tried every high-street skincare product, medication, and lifestyle change currently available to better their skin. Acne has nothing to do with how dirty the skin is and how regularly it is cleaned, because acne occurs from processes happening beneath the skin’s surface and not what rests on top of it. The only reason it may appear dirty is because of the spots occurring, though these are attributed to increased oil production and skin cells becoming trapped in follicles and pores.

Acne treatment vs. skincare products

Opting for an acne treatment may improve your skin more than high-street skincare products will but using these two in tandem could be the real winning combination. An in-clinic acne treatment provides a more proactive and aggressive form of managing your congested skin, and acne treatment skin products and routines to use at home can help to better these results and maintain them. Using both in close connection to each other as advised by your professional skin clinic could see a noticeable transformation in your skin’s health and its appearance.

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